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w124.022 heater blower parts number

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by sugarfixx, Nov 10, 2016.

  1. sugarfixx

    sugarfixx New Member

    Nov 10, 2016
    Hello guys! Since I am new here at this forum. I would like to thank you all for the great posts. You guys have helped me a lot over the last years.
    I hope someone might be able to help me outwit some part numbers here.

    Since my blower fan decided to die on me just as the temperature dropped below -5 C I have been browsing the MB forums for information.
    The car is a 94 220E fitted with the standard manual AC and has the fusebox marked with "blower fuse located outside the box (automatic ac only)" whatever that means.

    I have yet to find any external fuses so I have changed all the fuses in the box to see if that made any difference. (checked the usual location mention in all posts on the web)

    Earlier today (while driving to work) it suddenly started to blow again but when workday was over it was just as dead as yesterday.

    My conclusion is that probably the blower itself is jammed (it made some low rumbling sounds prior to stopping) and need replacement and maybe even the regulator / resistor need to be changed. So I started looking for parts.

    Do anybody here know what part numbers that are correct?
    The below list is what I have seen that looks most promising. ( i have found more than 6 parts number listed per item all marked with fits the 220)
    Blower regulator : 124 821 21 51 - 124 820 27 10
    Blower motor: 000 830 82 08 -000 830 79 08 - 124 820 13 08

    Yes I know it is just to unmount the old parts and read the numbers but without a good place to park the car inside for a couple of days I was hoping to just buy the parts I need, rent some space for a night and get my hands dirty:)
    If any one have experienced similar problems but not ended up replacing these parts I am listening :)
  2. bolide

    bolide Hardcore MB Enthusiast

    Oct 8, 2005
    BMW E39 525 Diesel Touring
    In my experience the only way to get the right blower is to take the old one out and then match it. You can have the old one out in about 45 minutes and you can do it in the street. It's under the jump wiper

    Once it's out, test it with a car battery but be careful not to drop it or get your fingers in the way

    They suffer from worn-out brushes, lumpy commutators and worn-out bearings. If you can't find new brushes you can make them by buying oversize replacements & filing them to size

    If you're lucky your problem is just a melted fuse holder. When the fuse corrodes it goes high resistance, heats up and the action of the spring in the holder pushes the bottom of the holder into the fuse block. Eventually the fuse loses contact altogether

    Nick Froome
  3. OP

    sugarfixx New Member

    Nov 10, 2016
    Nick you were right, it was a quite quick and straight forward job to get access to the blower.
    It turned out better than expected although both bearings and brushes was gone everything else seemed to be just fine. After some knocking and some oil in the bearing I managed to get it back working but that will only last days so a new one is ordered.
    While in other thoughts I managed to spray some electro spray into the blower motor and if anyone in the future read this, that is a terrible idea. Even in small amounts those sprays smells just terrible and completely takes away the pleasure of having the blower back working.....

    Now I also realise why it is hard to find any posting of parts numbers for those blower units. The only pars number i found was for the Bosch motor powering the unit. In case anyone will look for that in the future that part number is 0 130 111 033.

    I will post updates on this if anything more happens, and for others with blower problems

    Around the web there are people telling you that this will take around 5 hours, and that is wrong. I used around 2 hours and did not have any problems, the clip on the motor is probably the hardest part to put back on but a couple of screwdrivers did the trick nicely.
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