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w202 front wing removal

Discussion in 'Bodywork' started by cowantom, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. cowantom

    cowantom New Member

    Apr 30, 2011
    W202 C180
    Hi - new member!
    I've recently bought my first Merc (1996 C180 saloon). Delighted with it. It has, however, the usual (I am told) rust around the front wheel-arches and side indicators. Seems to me that replacement is more sensible than fighting it. Can someone describe the wing removal process - in easy steps, and preferably with photos/ diagrams. Much appreciated!:)
  2. J4GG4

    J4GG4 Member

    Dec 1, 2009
    Presuming its like other mercs i would guess,,, Allen key style screws holding the bumper to the wing. 10mm bolts ontop of the wing. 1 or 2 of 10mm bolts at the bottom of the wing (prob behind the side skirt) and finally with the front door open a 10mm bolt there to on the side of the wing. (Hope that makes sense!)
  3. Two 202s

    Two 202s New Member

    Feb 18, 2011
    c200 c240 xk8
    Hi, I removed both wings on my 1995 C200 last week. After finding no mention of how to do it in the (cr@p) haynes manual, decided just to go for it.
    Remove bumper-
    Pull out lower grill sections on each side to access two 13mm bolt, remove.
    Open bonnet and remove nuts on either side, just inboard of headlights.

    You then remove the lower front section of the wheelarch liners by removing four 10 mm plastic fasteners, 3 are visible from the wheel well, the other from below looking up under the bumper.
    The bumper should pull forward and seperate from the guides on either side. If you have temperature sensor or foglights in the bumper this should have been disconnected first.

    There are four 10mm bolts on the top rail of each wing to remove, one at the lower front near ithe ndicator and two accessed through the gap by opening the front door. The last bolt to remove is behind the plastic finisher to the rear of the wheel where it joins the sill. This pulls off if you pull firmly from the front lip. Disconnect the wiring to the side marker unit, and the wing will lift off.

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