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    Is there a stone chip repair secret?

    Thanks for the recommendation Andy, one kit ordered.
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    Where from & what do you do for a living !

    Now, you're the one I would call a plumber.
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    Edd China to leave Wheeler Dealers

    Ant's better looking than Edd, so that's fine. :thumb:
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    92' W124 500E - Detailed

    That is one absolutely beautiful car.
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    CL500 doubts.

    I'm a bit perplexed as to how anybody can find a CL boring. I'm on my second, and what will my next car be? You've probably guessed right.
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    To de-badge or not?

    VWs too.
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    To de-badge or not?

    And puny little 500 girls. :p
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    DAS6 PRO PLUS Dual Action Polisher £100 delivered

    Luckily it still let me have the Black Friday discount.
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    DAS6 PRO PLUS Dual Action Polisher £100 delivered

    Thanks Toobad, that's my Christmas present sorted.
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    My facelift Maserati Quattroporte.

    Who needs a house when you could live in that. It's lovely!
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    I'm absolutely devastated, both our cars smashed up.

    What on God's earth makes anybody want to do a thing like that? Might be worth alarming the gate.
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    CL W216 Owners Register.

    As a follow up to the comments on the rear end, in my mind's eye, I have a picture of the rear view of a Sumo Wrestler posturing when I look at mine from the back. :confused:
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    Courtesy Cars Are Good For You

    Did you get seasick?
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    Ban The Person Above You...

    Banned for eating whilst posting.
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