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    Is insurance getting cheaper?

    I scrapped the C250td and put a Toyota Prado in its place, insurance was 110/year cheaper for the same comp cover! I was surprised, but pleased. :thumb:
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    Trusts and Tax?

    just wondering how this line of enquiry finished up? tia
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    Merc mechanics in Northern Ireland

    sorry can't find their phone number for you, but Andy and Barry in Portadown are very good and price is quite good... they served their time with the main dealer in the town. I think they call themselves A & B Motors. Cheers
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    this is purely from my experience and may be complete BS … I never really paid any attention to all the pdf talk as it never applied to me, my cars were all too old so it didn't matter. sadly I purchased a new mk7 golf diesel with a pdf and not knowing about it found out that it could well be a...
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    Auto Express Winter Tyre test 2013

    Last weekend i fitted the new golf with her winter wheels, a new set of alloys with the goodyear ultra grip 8's. cheers
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    Preserving a lump sum?

    been having a look, there's not much available just local and the lack of income would be a bit off putting. However its an interesting idea!
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    Preserving a lump sum?

    i have a few cars but again they are not very liquid and you have to look for bidders.
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    Preserving a lump sum?

    tombo, i admire your braveness, as thats the type of thing we had planned perhaps 15 - 20 years back! I've found it more difficult to make the moves as the years creep on, that and the fact that over the years I've gathered so much "that will be useful some time" stuff that my shed is twice the...
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    Preserving a lump sum?

    further thanks. i had a short chat with another IFA today and he wanted 1200 smackers to go through my history and other bits of financials… i explained that i didn't want to repeat that exercise and that i was interested in specific bond type holdings … he wasn't interested …. so i just left...
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    Preserving a lump sum?

    I'd give you 20 years just for trying.... Lol
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    Preserving a lump sum?

    Just to explain how we arrived at the possibility of a BTL, we thought perhaps if we could find something we might be able to downsize to in a few years, meantime drawing an additional income from it. Then either rent or sell our present home.... It all seems a very long winded way of protecting...
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    Preserving a lump sum?

    Thank you for all the replies. I don't mind holding a BTL for medium to long term, we've been looking at relatively new houses and couldn't believe how run down even some of these developments have become in a few short years! And that's houses that were mostly bought in the 200k+ bracket...
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    Preserving a lump sum?

    I appreciate the wealth of knowledge on this forum and would like to ask opinions on the above. We're approaching early retirement and have some cash savings that are getting very little to no interest and can't decide if it's better to let it sit for another year or so and see where things...
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    What engine oil do you use

    Been using the various Shell oils since the 70's never had any engine problems! Don't see a need to change, mind you the new Golf is on Castrol Edge I think, but will go to the Shell low ash oil when she goes independant.
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    18" AMG wheels for vehicles* between 2004-2009

    I have a set of amg rims came on our e class, I know they are staggered and have no marks, from memory tyres have reasonable thread... I'd need to check if they are 18's ?
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