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    190E 2.3-16 kind of SUV (front) after new suspensions (front) - any suggestion is appreciated

    Hello Dear Friends First at all Happy Easter to whom are celebrating. I’ve bought this lovely sixteen valves and after renewed rear accumulator for the SLS, change hydraulic oil etc ride was superb, but I wanted as matter of maintenance to renew also front, so I changed front anti roll bar...
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    Happy Birthday, 1998K

    Hello Mates very kind of you. Sorry I was not reading on 18, so I’m able to thanks only now. :) By the way this is always a great community:) and I want to thanks uploading some pictures from an new/old car at home. Hope you like and appreciate Have a nice weekend
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    W203 Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror Retrofit

    Did you solve? :)
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    W203 Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror Retrofit

    Hi Lsaxh78, I'm very sorry but I do not remember wires colours...
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    W203 Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror Retrofit

    Let me help you if I remember what I did on my 203. If, let's say, the hardware fit you are fine, since even if the plug conection does not fit, you can just feed with an "underkey" +12V (i.e. from cigarette lighter) and a ground. If I do well remember, unless you have other feature on your...
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    2004 C270 CDI Oil Leak

    Hello, glad to be of any help. Situation is this: as "E270 Owner" says someone do not suggest red paste, so when I let dealer to fix the problem, changing the leaking pipe with the new one (withour seal), the result was that oil leakage did not stop. So I decided to put myslf this red paste...
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    2004 C270 CDI Oil Leak

    Hi Barachello, just seen the tread. I confirm that the new hose has been supplied me without the seal. As you can read from that tread I put a red paste. Since that never had any further oil leakage. Hope this help :)
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    Retrofit Autodimming Rear View mirror?

    yes I've done in this way. I moved my auto DIM mirror from my previous 202 to the 203, you have 3 wires, one is the ground, one the positive I connected to the lighter plug, and a third one I didn't use (would switch off the function when you engage the reverse).
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    I fully agree with you especially with the highlighted part;) Especially if you had experienced in the past a car with LSD...soo sad now it's almost impossible (and costly) to find such kind of equipment/optional, quite normal in the past...This is thanks to technology, ESP etc furthermore...
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    CLK 270 with manual 'box - Good idea?

    one thing to note is that same engine (270cdi) has different torque: by my memory should be 40kgm auto and 37kgm the manual this at least on C W203
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    CDI270 Fuel Pump Seals

    thanks for this useful information. Did you buy from Mercede or they sell at any auto parts dealer? I understand it's mainly a matter to unscrew the pump and remove/renew fuel hoses and seals, isn't it? cheers:)
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    Amazing Mercedes collection!

    thanks a lot very intersting. At 6:10 there is a W124 coupe with manually operated windows (both front and rear). It's amazing I well remember my uncle when bought from new a 190E he had to pay for electric windows and fifth gear but I would never have said that these low spec were standard...
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    SLK's poor headlights

    a part for the blackened but it's amazing how one is deformated:eek:...there is some problem of too much high temperature there inside Good you solved and I wonder also the difference you have now thanks to the Philips extremes. You discovered the light :cool:
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    CLK270 idle speed fluctuating

    Hello teemsta, nice new car. Regarding the idle fluctuating, let me ask you if your CLK has been keept unused before you bought? This sound similar as when I bought mine, it was a second hand car and after a normal use with some strong acceleration this problem disappeared. May be it's also...
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    Slovenia and northern Croatia

    I Croatia is needed also a tow rope to keep on board. Something else!?:D ...a white just kidding...but for the rope it's true:)
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