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    203 Coupe Rear Brake replacement help request

    ah ok, i wasn't sure if i had to slacken that off first, then readjust it after both sides has been set. appreciate the help guys
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    203 Coupe Rear Brake replacement help request

    don't have to do anything with the adjuster under the rear seat ? thx btw, for some reason i always forget youtube :rolleyes:
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    203 Coupe Rear Brake replacement help request

    Just picked up some replacement rear discs and pads for my coupe from the classifieds here (thank you @dokalj :)) If I remember correctly there's a correct sequence or method for installing these and setting up/adjusting the handbrake which consists of brake shoes inside the rear disc hub, like...
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    Secondary Air Injection Pump error E55 W211

    @DavidL unfortunately I can't help you there, but will add this additional info, I had a similar issue with my C-Class Coupe last year, and identified a number of things, might be relevant to anyone coming across this thread....... 1. EML - can't remember the exact message, but it flagged 2...
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    HOW TO: Repair and Modify Damaged W203/C203/CL203 Door Mirror Loom/Frame

    Given this is the second reply I've had to make adding extra info shows why, you should always do these types of threads right away while stuff is still fresh in your mind :wallbash: Someone asked me about the indicator cables changing colour/stripe colours, and did I have to lengthen...
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    No Engine Management Light

    Interestingly, in the associated/similar threads section below this thread, was a link to this one..... sounds like a similar issue to yours, but the thread is incomplete with no "outcome" / follow up posts, might be...
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    No Engine Management Light

    Travel an hour north and visit @richard and @Alfie at COMAND located in Lightwater, not sure i'd trust anyone else as much with this kind of work to be honest, knowledge and experience is key
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    No Engine Management Light

    I wouldn't want to bet on it, Mercs tend to be a bit temperamental like that and a STARS setup is usually required before going and messing around with stuff, but more importantly, a knowledge of what you're messing with is equally as important. It would be a touch worrying if there were a way...
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    No Engine Management Light

    if you put your vin number into the box top right on this page, it'll give you the data card with options etc and engine type Mercedes-Benz Teilekatalog (Ersatzteile online)
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    Replacement front spring identification help needed pls

    Just a quick update on this, as i've had the work done now, so figured i'd post up the costs (they actually charged less than quoted because it went smoothly, hence quicker - first time for everything!) Costs (excl VAT) were: Lower Suspension Arms (x2) @£55 ea, Coil Spring (Kilen) x1 @£43.19...
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    Led doors handle lights

    Do they double as puddle lights ? If it's software related, and linked to whatever the dealership did they should put it right, failing that i'd ask @richard or @Alfie at Comand Online (to be honest, i'd probably ask them first lol)
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    The Ultimate "Knob Accessory"...

    exactly :p
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    The Ultimate "Knob Accessory"...

    I was thinking they'd be handy for putting on those ignorant parkers we all encounter
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    2007 C55 Estate, laundry list

    I think we've all done that at one point or another, I put a couple of grand into mine in a 12 month period 2-3 years ago, and have just had to have another 850's worth, and yes, those dam front to back brake pipes are costly as 'F' ! fortunately, I was able to find a local garage that just did...
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    Someone running around with my registration plate.....

    I got caught out this morning from the "similar threads" thingy at the bottom of the page, replied to something from february :wallbash:
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