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    (A207) Heated Seats, Parking Sensor, ECO switches, Becker Sat Nav and Command dial / switches all not working

    Hi all, Have an odd one which is leading me to believe I may have a faulty Audio 20 unit. The other day I noticed the stereo dial and buttons had stopped working. I then noticed there were no lights on the buttons at the bottom of the unit (Heated seats, rear head restraint riser, parking...
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    Dpf ot not dpf

    You need to read the error codes to identify if there is an issue with a sensor.
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    W212 Audio 20 upgrade advice

    The newer Android systems are a replacement screen which keeps all of the OEM interface as well. Its nothing like the old systems that people were divisive about, the world has moved on. You can have a smaller version which sits in the same place as the OEM screen, or a 10.25" screen which...
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    Ml63 166 8.4 screen retro fit

    They are very good. There are different models with different pricing, but still typically half the price of a less functioning Comand Upgrade. Essentially they are screen replacements which bring through the OEM system, so you lose none of that, but you gain a full Android interface which...
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    Ml63 166 8.4 screen retro fit

    Have you tried the latest ones? You hadn't in a previous thread a few months ago. Have been running one for a couple of years now (the 10.25" one) and know 50+ others who are all running them, highly satisfied and wouldn't think twice about recommending them. Don't think any of them would...
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    Not using car very much

    Where did that come from? That's the opposite of what you should be doing. Giving it some welly produces more soot and fills the DPF quicker. Mine has not been used much, its doing about 10 miles a week, mainly to just get it moving and the tyres and other parts rotated. I have recharged the...
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    Satnav w207

    There are multiple versions, Audio 20, Audio 50, and Comand. Put your vin into a site like Checking VIN for Mercedes-Benz | CARInfo and then look to see what the data card says it is. Personally I found the satnav on all versions for the W207 to be very poor and outdated. I replaced the...
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    Satnav w207

    Will need more information than that. What year is the car and what system do you have fitted today?
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    Retaining a Reg No

    Because those are the rules laid out by the DVLA.
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    Retaining a Reg No

    Yes it does have to have a valid MOT as I assume it is a modern passenger vehicle (less than 40 years old) which is more than 3 years old. Under that age the vehicle does not need an MOT. You can see the other types of vehicles that do not need an MOT at Getting an MOT The choice really is get...
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    5G Networks Pros & Cons - Discuss

    5G has the advantages of speed and capacity, but the disadvantages of distance. It will drive a different infrastructure of more 3 tier with micro cells being placed out there. The advantage here is that the number of devices that can be connected to the whole infrastructure will increase...
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    What made you look to Mercedes? What car or situation..

    Wanted another 4 seat convertible. Couldn't find one of the very last Saab 9-3's to replace the one I had at the time so needed to look elsewhere. Choice was very limited as it had to take 3 adult sized people. Went for the Mercedes as it felt more comfortable than an Audi A5, despite it being...
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    Does the e class cabriolet mist up?

    Not an issue I have had with mine.
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    Sky price increase

    Not quite, you can cancel your sports subscription element without being charged an early termination fee. When it comes to re-starting it you take your chances on what monthly charge they decide at that point.
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    Diesel Software Update

    What makes you think it was ever paid? Most of these fines that are issued get kicked into the long grass of negotiation and never actually get paid. They just get traded further down the line
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