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    What is this connector for?

    I mean, yes I was somewhat hoping for an answer - I didn't realise there were requirements for "joining the community" beyond the signup process before asking questions. I clicked the "Like" button on the people's messages that answered my question before - is that not what that button is for...
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    What is this connector for?

    What does this connector do in my 2010 Mercedes E350 CDI? Imgur It was unplugged completely when I removed the engine cover. I plugged it back in. Would I notice any difference with it plugged in or not? I was actually removing the cover to see how easy the glow plugs were to get to as the...
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    Do I have brake pad wear sensors?

    I have this car: Do I brake pad wear sensors or not? I can't see them listed but I don't know if they are standard or were optional at the time. Is there an easy way to check without taking the wheel off and looking for a wire going into the...
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