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    E63 - How noisy is it?!

    Nope, I tried to get this done and nobody I spoke to could remove the higher idle cold start
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    Wat was the cost when New

    ... And I paid £36k at the end of 2015 with 8k miles on for it (Came with £8k of exhaust and £4k of vossen wheels too!)
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    Wat was the cost when New

    I had the invoice for mine (2011 - One of the first gen 2 CLS63's on the road) £116k including options and tax
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    Wrapping a CLS63 AMG

    That purple is stunning
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    Seems Lineker has a C63s

    Heard through a friend of a friend (MB Dealer) that MBUK work closely with celebs to offer these kinds of cars at silly lease prices. Apparently, Rooney was paying something like £99/month for a C63S
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    New c63 coupe, underwhelming looks?

    Because then no one would buy the S63
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    Front brake Disc Replacement - 2015 CLS63 AMG-S

    I was about to suggest Roy in Edinborough, cheapest I was able to find when I had mine - MBUK wanted over £1600!
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    CLS63 - Talk to me

    Great cars - seriously consider getting a facelift one to avoid engine issues that I faced
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    Tunnels and your inner child

    Downshifts in tunnels are the best!
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    CLS63/E63 locking wheel nuts, C350e home charger & CLS Rear light

    Small garage clear out: thethreadscollective | eBay Also got some W204 C63 Floor matts
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    CLS63/E63 Timing Chain Issues (M157)

    Timing chains and tensioners were an engine out job for me - ££££'s in labour at Mercedes
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    High Mileage CLA45, any potential hiccups to be wary of?

    Heard quite a lot of people have issues with the turbos giving up, so I'd either get extended warranty or have some tucked away and upgrade to a hybrid if it goes
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    Does the "gunshot" popping on the new 4L V8 get annoying?

    Decat your 5.5 and your wish will be granted ;)
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    Bought an AMG GT

    Mercedes do the same thing, there's definitely been 2 solarbeam and a 'GTR Green hell' C63S's on Autotrader
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    Bought an AMG GT

    There's another solarbeam in Birmingham too - really starting to get tempting at ~£80k now
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