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    Ford's scrappage scheme

    With increasing volumes of fields of new cars and banks seemingly blind to credit risk again I wonder how long it will be before we see something close to some offers in the US right now such as on a $40k car, 0 deposit and 80 months interest free, and a 2k cash back.
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    Incident in Barcelona

    GCHQ will know a great deal more than we will on the outside. It's a game of wait and see in order to pick the best time to pounce for max impact. Sadly waiting and watching possibly costs innocent lives while pouncing exposes knowledge and a consequential change in tactics by terrorists. It's...
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    Mercedes reliability?!?

    Possibly very scary if a spring goes on the motorway, not only the obvious balance upset but the risk of a broken spring end instantly shredding a tyre at 70.
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    Mercedes reliability?!?

    When you look at the cheating on emissions, does everyone really think it stops just at emissions?? I'm cynical agreed but where there is a mindset like this then it'll spread across many departments and responsibilities. I'm afraid pressure to cut corners in other areas takes its toll somewhere...
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    Mercedes reliability?!?

    I can only speak from only owning a 9 year old CLS for the last 3yrs but for what is a second hand car I use for business , the bills are fair for a heavy car with a bit of go to it. I've budgeted for two or three major things "dropping off" in the next couple of years (gearbox, turbo etc) on...
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    Jay's new SL350 project

    Very nice !!!
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    Look no taxes !! Will electric cars really be tax free?

    As mentioned already, battery tech is changing fast. Toyota could be making the next step. See.. There are many great ideas to potentially increase power density of batteries but getting them into a mass production state is a totally...
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    "Interesting" news for European owners of recent Mercedes diesel cars!

    I should have stuck a qualifying link in to the recall I know this has been rumbling for a while.. mine is Euro 4 hence not in the frame thankfully.
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    "Interesting" news for European owners of recent Mercedes diesel cars!

    Diesel recall on v6 euro5/6 cars Just a quick question to those more knowledgeable than me on the recent recall announced today (and I guess a lead can be taken from what happened to VW owners on this). When they apply "the upgrade" to software is that more likely to be a "downgrade" if the car...
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    W211 gearbox problem??

    2008 wit 104k miles
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    Five garages and no one knows what is wrong.

    Engine and gearbox mounts? If all badly worn/ then transmission misalignment issues possibly? Shot in the dark there but may be worth investigating?
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    2006 facelift E 320CDi v6 limp mode

    Might be a silly question but when your turbo was relocated back into position after your swirl motor was repaired/changed did your Indy use new gaskets/seals/o'rings where the turbo reconnects. does your invoice show anything with regards to turbo bits)?
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    W211 gearbox problem??

    I'd use a good independent MB specialist for a software update, they'll normally only charge a nominal amount as it's pretty quick. Most independents can offer this but call before going anywhere of course. Anything from an MB dealer will cost no matter how small a job! Do you find that that...
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    W211 gearbox problem??

    I have something similar - more pronounced when cold although when crawling in a motorway traffic jam you can feel it at low speeds - no problem when coming down from 7 to 3 but from 3 to 1 you can start to feel it more often than not. It's not terrible but can't imagine it was like it when new...
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    Spring Compressor Wanted - Kent

    I used some Sealy AK3841 twin claw types from eBay on a spring replacement for a 2009 fiesta. I didn't fancy any with too little meat around the hook/web area. They worked a treat. I took myself round the side of the house thought away from anything/anyone important just in case but so long as...
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