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    Shift into 1st very late

    Sorry, hopeless at keeping on top of my posts. I recently had a freebie 'at home' service by MB dealer and they put the STAR machine on and it didn't have any gearbox faults - I mentioned this issue and they didn't know what I was talking about. Having had the car a few months I think that it is...
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    fresh cabin air?

    I had to charge my battery up and unclipped the cover to find the entrance/filter for the cabin is part of the battery cover... That seems to mean that the air i'm breathing in the car is a. from the hot engine compartment and b. sucking in battery fumes? Is this common on modern cars...
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    Your most satisfying DIY car maintenance / repair

    I had a transit campervan which dropped a piston on the M25 (found it in the sump later...). Once I got it home I made an engine 'crane' out of hang-glider tubing and replaced the engine in the road outside my house. Not pretty but felt good afterwards.
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    Tinkling Noise behind central console

    Tinkling noise... update! (rear view mirror) ... I bought a torx screwdriver but never got around to opening up the dash as Autumn arrived. Just as well - I moved my head listening to this noise one day and it turns out it's coming from the rear view mirror, not the dash!:doh: So I plan to...
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    Shift into 1st very late

    Lazy Autobox This interests me as I was literally just about to post a similar question... sorry to be adding more questions and not solutions! I think I will cross-post this in engine/gearbox in case it is a management computer 'thing'. The following observations all apply to speeds between...
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    That 'stealth bomber' matt coating is probably a wrap; I saw a website recently - Carbon Skin Vehicle Wraps|Car Wraps|Vehicle Wraps|Vinyl Graphics Car Wraps|Car Wrapping ... or it could be blackboard paint. OK, maybe not. Where did I put my bat-suit?
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    Improving ride comfort

    Thanks to all for the various ideas; The wheels are 16 inch with moderate profile tyres, so not rock hard. The trouble as with all these things is spending the cash and finding out the result after, but once I have done something I will post again...
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    Tinkling Noise behind central console

    Hi, I've had my SportCoupe a couple of months and there is a small tinkling noise behind the central console; one of those things that is trivial and yet is now driving me mad... So any help greatfully received. It seems to come from the Audio20 but maybe something to do with airvents or any...
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    Improving ride comfort

    Hi all, my first post having bought a SportCoupe a couple of months ago. I had a good browse/search for similar topics but didn't find anything... I love the car, having upgraded from a cheap/old/ordinary make. But I'm finding the ride a bit irritating. It may be a function of the cr*p...
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