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    SLK Water problem

    I think it must be common. Is your central locking working ok?It's worth getting the pump out and having a look to see if it's wet underneath it. My pump is goosed and ive never found one in a year at a sensible price. Alan
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    self assessment - what can you claim?

    Ive been told by my accountant that i can claim 40p a mile but nothing else. Doesn't seem right to me . Would love a second opinion. Alan
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    CLK coupe Whats it worth

    Just bits. As in the old music hall song (underneath the arches) and he has had around the bonnet star done as well FOC Alan
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    CLK coupe Whats it worth

    £4500 sounds great to me. I can have it for £2800. I knew it was cheap but wanted a few opinions. Even the GF likes the look of it and she hates the SLK so could be on to a winner. Alan
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    YAY! My Two Seater Restoration Project!

    One of the better looking convertibles in my opinion. Alan
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    CLK coupe Whats it worth

    Sorry Steve i was still under the influence earlier it's a 230 kompresser petrol presumably the same engine as my SLK and it's got the tiptronic box on it. Alan
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    CLK coupe Whats it worth

    Ive been offered a X plate 2000 CLK auto hard top. Its got full MB history 65k on the clock full leather,CD multichanger i think i saw an elegance badge on it. I only had a quick look but its a friends uncle who works offshore hence the miles and he is only selling as he has bought a 55 plate...
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    Looking at houses / need some help....

    Go for 130 you can always increase your offer. As for prices the last house i bought was 69k then 57,68,66 and 72k. All bought in the last 18 months and all giving me an average £500 a month rent. It's not all bad up North. Alan
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    Conspiracy theory!

    It's true ive just had to apply for my refund. The ash isn't falling just blowing around at the optimum flying height for jets Alan
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    Anyone else not flying today?

    Was flying from Leeds. GF still not convinced im not kidding her. Ive also got a hangover does that trump man flu? Alan
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    Anyone else not flying today?

    My long weekend to Malta is cancelled due to volcanic dust. I haven't told the GF yet. Just told my mother shes gutted,we were going to see her and dad as they stay there for the winter Alan
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    Council Tax Appeal - Any experience?

    Late last year i received a letter from a valuations officer in Newcastle telling me i had overpaid since the inception of council tax and would be hearing from the council shortly. I did a few jigs round the house and then re-read it and it was from a Mr Snowball and as it was late in the year...
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    Can't believe what I've just done

    Don't do it again HTH Alan
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    SLK 230k 1998 buying pointers

    I paid £4200 for my 99 T reg one last may with 6 months test. Its not the best but not a bad car either its only cost me a service up to now. like i said its not the best but i do not look after cars so im happy to get one thats not a minter. Its on its winter hols at the moment so i could get...
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    Optical Illusions

    There are some HGV trailers running around with stickers on the back. On the right hand side it says overtakers and on the left side UNDERTAKERS.I'm sure someone on here can find a picture. Alan
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