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    Collected '15 G63 AMG - Exhaust advice please!

    If I wanted something that would sound unlike many other M157 out there, I'd go with Akrapovic. That's because thin walled Ti makes a world of difference in sound to the heavier gauge Stainless used by the other two.
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    A little story

    I demand more details after this intriguing story twist. Did you film it?
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    Collected '15 G63 AMG - Exhaust advice please!

    Brabus/Acra/Supersprint systems are worth their money, because: - they are bolt on/off and allow you to keep the original pipework intact for when/if you want to go back to the original spec. - they are resellable - they take a day or so to fit Hacking your existing exhaust will mean that: -...
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    Mercedes V8 engine transplant in another car?

    If you're thinking M113 or M113K, I can help with the wiring loom as I run a standalone ECU on mine. Give me a shout if you need help. Manual gearbox conversion is pretty costly but can be done as well. Having done it on mine, I can make and supply the parts too.
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    Opinions wanted for R63AMG 21 Inch wheels on a Mercedes S Class W221 AMG pack?

    R-Class wheels were available for the 221 in "smaller" 20-inch size. Mine came standard with the car but, same as you - I found them a little too bland looking. I'd go smaller and lighter, not bigger and heavier though - 19" in the front, 20" in the rear:
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    What would you choose?

    Nothing. Newer engines go down in volume and number of cylinders. Screw financial deals, small prints, conditions and the general aura associated with buying a car on finance. Pay cash for the older, bigger engined car and enjoy it. Let the house be on the drip - it appreciates quicker than the...
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    CL W215 Owners Register.

    It's 30 I believe... Post 30 messages and you'll have that option.
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    CLS55 as a daily workhorse?

    M113 is one of the wrench friendliest engines there is. Plugs are an evening job with a TV on and beer on the table. Even if you’ve never done it on that engine before. Of course, if you are a princess, pay someone to do it for you. Don’t come back crying how eye wateringly expensive AMG...
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    CL W215 Owners Register.

    Difficult to say without knowing how they’ll glass was installed. Generally, yes, you can adjust it. I’ll see if I can pull the diagrams from MB software. PM me your email address.
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    What 'purpose' does your big AMG Saloon serve?

    I'm with John on this one. Even though having two cars - one being a fast daily, another a weekend/track/fun car - is the perfect scenario which covers all of the bases (incl. a backup vehicle), alot of people (myself included) often go for one car to do it all. Which is where AMG, M and RS...
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    What 'purpose' does your big AMG Saloon serve?

    S65 is my every day car. Usually on a 30 miles round trip to my place of work and then some - e.g. getting a £4.99 masonry drill at B&Q to finish some job at home. Or carrying a load of cardboard boxes inside to a local skip. It doubles up as my fun car too, when my go fast AMG project car is...
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    SL63 dyno & remap - MSL

    Your tyres will be fine even at much higher speed than they are rated to. They won’t magically “explode” or disintegrate.
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    SL63 dyno & remap - MSL

    Your 4th gear is 1:1 with the engine. Nothing to do with the tyre rating.
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    CLK500 facelift (5.0 , 7 speed)

    With road cars you don’t get to change discs and reuse bells (centre section) - you have to buy a complete assembly from MB every time. Gets pretty expensive as you just throw the old disc away (cast disc style.) To counter warpage and cracking some 2 piece rotors manufacturers make them...
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