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    Is there a way to unscrew this weird torx head without a special tool?

    You need a set of 'security' bits that includes 'pentalobe'
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    First time using a DA

    You might also want to check out the Argos one which is almost identical but only £50. The only difference is the length of the cord which is easily replaced and the backing plate which is another easy replacement.
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    Recommended Dash Cams - and how to fit them!

    1080p did't cut it for me. I couldn't really read some number plates in good light from the footage. The Viofo A119 was what I was recommended.
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    Da help

    This is where one of the cheaper DAs can be better in that they are lower powered. For the amateur this isn't so much of a problem as it will work but may take longer, whereas this is not acceptable for a professional who is on the clock. I bought the 600w Argos one when it was <£40 (Challenge...
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    Has the World gone mad?

    It is taxed like any other capital gains tax if you transfer it to regular currency. It should be pretty straightforward to work out any profit as the Blockchain will have an audit proof log of when you bought/mined them and the value at that time. I think the time has passed when law...
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    Has the World gone mad?

    No that wasn’t my intention and I don’t think it is a resource issue tbh. I’d need an example of how you think that would work to consider it.
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    Has the World gone mad?

    I think the point with blockchain is that it doesn't matter. The basic infrastructure has proven to be resilient. The main issue with Bitcoin and other crypto currencies is how much energy is being used to 'mine' them.
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    Has the World gone mad?

    Generally yes, but due to how Blockchain works, not in this instance. It is hard to comprehend it was pretty much the work of one person....apparently.
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    Has the World gone mad?

    It is quite an elegant system and wholesale 'hacking' as you put it is not a threat. The underlying tech, which is now being implemented in traditional banking, is a distributed ledger (Blockchain) which anyone can access and host if they like. So unless you can change all copies simultaneously...
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    Has the World gone mad?

    All money doesn't really exist ;) Bitcoin and other similar crypto-currencies, unlike 'real' currency printed by the Central banks is at least a finite resource. My answer to the central question - The world has not gone totally mad but there are a lot of people stuck in their own skewed...
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    Retro fitting aftermarket android head unit to CLC??

    It is supplied with adapter looms so plug and play.
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    Giving my 2005 c class a 15 year facelift.. gone wrong

    Great turnaround there. Looks ok, at least from a distance.
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    Any high end Hi-Fi lovers?

    I would just like to put this out there for anyone interested. I have nothing to do with the site but find it to have a wealth of electronics experts which some may find interesting especially those with aging Hi-Fi systems. There are many posts about capacitor...
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    Any high end Hi-Fi lovers?

    This is just a wild guess but do you think it could be harmonics coming into play?
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    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread

    That’s exactly what I was saying. I’m not sure how that could be misunderstood 😂 It is irrelevant what AZ have in the contract with the UK if it is not mentioned in the EU one. They are two separate contracts. I never mentioned anything about the UK one being unenforcable. Oh, and the point...
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