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    W204 front coil springs

    Merc dealer looked up the right ones for my S211 E class when one broke using the VIN. They weren't that much more than aftermarket ones either.
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    Compressor on Mercedes W211 EClass 420CDI june 2008

    The compressor is in the wing, just in front of the nearside front wheel. Take the wheel off and remove the wheel arch lining then check there isn't a short to live in the wiring.
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    E220CDi W211 Tyre options

    I've done well over 200k miles in my E220 and tried a few different tyres. I think the car drives best on Continental premium Contact 2 tyres.
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    W211 air suspension problem

    +1 on that. The compressor is in the n/s front wing. Take the wheel off and remove the wheel arch liner and check the wiring. The compressor is rubber mounted and it seems the wiring can't cope with the bouncing about. I've fixed mine twice (on 240,000 miles now). I ended up replacing the...
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    2017 E Class front or rear wheel drive ?

    They do 4Motion versions of a lot of cars, including the E class, that are 4 wheel drive.
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    E320 Estate W211 2004 Rear Suspension - NOT Airmatic

    I think all 211 estates had air rear suspension, but check with a vin decoder site and that will confirm for your specific car.
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    Vibration clonk then fine

    front spring? Both of mine have gone in the past and it's not as obvious as you might expect
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    S212 parking brake release problem

    I don't think you need to get underneath... There's an adjuster for the brake shoes that you can get to with a flat blade screwdriver via the wheel bolt holes in the rear discs, so just jack the car up with both rear wheels off the ground. Take the wheels off, release the parking brake and then...
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    S212 parking brake release problem

    The parking brake uses brake shoes that press against the inside of the rear discs, like a drum brake.
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    E class temperature

    I had exactly the same with my E220. It worked fine but never got over 50. New thermostat cured it. It used a fair bit more fuel when running cool so worth fixing it, and easy enough to change.
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    Borrowed time?! ⌚ ☠

    You can use an oscilloscope to check the timing difference between the camshaft and crank sensors, which can show if the chain has stretched. Basically you get the waveforms from each and measure the phase shift between them. If the timing chain stretches then the cam will lag behind the crank.
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    S211 Front brakes

    The bolts go through the hub carrier (aka steering knuckle) into the calliper mounting bracket, so logically the mounting bracket has the thread. Maybe a photo would help...
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    W211 - quick query

    Bottom ball joint (20) is the common culprit. They cost about £25 and are easy enough to change if you have the right tools, ball joint press and a strong separator.
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    Correct tyre Load Capacity?

    Try a VIN decoder site, when I checked mine it included the tyres in the build info.
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    2008 S211 Front upper control arms

    I've changed the ball joints on the front upper control arms and can still feel movement in them. Time to pull the arms off and change the bushes. Anyone done this before? It seems getting to the nuts on the inside requires a lot of stuff to be moved; any tips?
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