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    Is it Xmas

    Bah humbug!!
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    Formula 1, Moto GP, WSB, 2021 Season

    He's a lot of a Verstappen. His father is a bully who has no empathy and unfortunately this has been passed down. I used to be a MV fan but I'm far from it lately which is a shame. So much promise but sadly too much psychological damage already done and no-one in Red Bull strong enough to...
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    Thank you Emma Raducanu

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    New driving licence

    It does state here that you can continue driving if you have applied via the post office or by post. 👍
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    Main dealer servicing with a remap

    I have just checked online and the update has been carried out.
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    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    B16 CAT on a white Jaguar today in Wincanton, Somerset.
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    Main dealer servicing with a remap

    Hi Ed. I assume it was done to the car prior to my purchasing it. It has a full MB service history and nothing was mentioned about it when it was serviced by MB earlier this year.
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    Main dealer servicing with a remap

    Just had a message back that MSL can do a remap and My-Genius for my car so alleviating the fear of the map getting wiped. Happy days and thank you @AMGeed .
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    SL400 R231 Chips/Re-mapping

    I I think you're reading the graph incorrectly. Max torque is at approx 3500 on that graph (light blue dotted lines).👍
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    Main dealer servicing with a remap

    Many thanks.
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    Main dealer servicing with a remap

    Do you know if the My-Genius is available for the 3.0 diesel (2012) or just the AMG engined cars?
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    Main dealer servicing with a remap

    I have recently been looking at the Powergate (Superchips) remap for my car. With this you can remove the remap from your car, before taking it to the dealers, then get it re-instated for free afterwards.
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    Brabus D6 (III) Eco Power Xtra Mercedes E Class 212 Chassis 350 V6 CDI

    As above, spotted on Ebay.
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    Brabus D6 III compatibility with E350 CDI 231bhp

    Well done on getting it sorted Ed, some very interesting observations there. I'm looking forward to seeing if the increases are noticeable and worth the aggro! Keep us updated.
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    Nankang tyres- issue

    My brand new modified van came supplied with Powertrack Cityracing tyres. I've not yet been into a city to verify that they live up to their claim!🤣
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