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    W219 scrubbing tyres

    They did, I'll dig them out and post them up.
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    W219 heater/glow plug replacement

    No 5 glow plug needs replacement on my CLS. Can anyone tell me: Which one is No 5? Is it going to snap? :crazy:
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    W219 scrubbing tyres

    My W219 is scrubbing the inner edge of my tyres. Camber bolts have been done and geometry set by Merc but it's still doing it. Off-side is worse than near-side. Any advice?
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    W219 clunk on steering

    I have a clunk on steering when slow manoeuvring or turning the wheels when stationary. Has anyone else experienced this on a W219? It's been up on the ramp and there's nothing obvious. Car is a 320cdi with 94k.
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    CLS tyre wear and vibration problems

    It would be nice to see if there was a resolution to this. However, and it's a big however, the tyre shown is too small for the rear wheels on the CLS which is shown on the CLS in DW99s avatar.
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    Big thumbs up for Inchcape Liverpool

    They could have easily fobbed me off and told me to book it in.
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    Big thumbs up for Inchcape Liverpool

    It's a rarity isn't it.
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    Big thumbs up for Inchcape Liverpool

    Got into the CLS after work today (3:50pm) and tried to start it up. The starter went mental and just kept going but the engine wouldn't take. I had to switch it off using the key. Tried to start it again, this time it caught and started but the display flashed up ESP Error, ABS Error, Tyre...
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    Wiper Blades - dealer or internet ?

    I paid £29 from a dealer. I couldn't find equivalent Bosch on the internet any cheaper.
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    Goodbye clk,hello cls!

    Nice one. Welcome to a nice experience.
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    The all new MBMW CL6S Series Coupe

    Erm, which one? Choices choices.
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    Tell me about... Dalmations

    I think the fact that you don't see many as family pets speaks volumes.
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    Tell me about... Dalmations

    Dalmations can be quite vicious too (as they are bred as a protective species).I know that a dog is only as vicious as how it's been trained but please be aware that as coach dogs they have a in built temperament. They can be quite nippy too. Would you consider a molosser/mastiff breed...
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    A5 v cls

    Just a tip, don't compromise on interior trim levels.:thumb:
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    A5 v cls

    So when are you getting it? :thumb:
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