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    Scottish AMG Owners

    miss the V8 sound and acceleration but after 11 years of 200 miles to a tank with the 63 and 55...circumstances meant change :(
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    Scottish AMG Owners

    Aberdeen....after 7 years in my C63, now in C43
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    Needed a Practical Yet Fun Daily....W204 C63 Saloon Incoming!

    Only when I see others! Honestly, not really. Enjoyed every minute of C63 but it was time to change. Merc warranty had gone up to £1700 amongst other things. Miss the V8 noise and power the most.
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    Needed a Practical Yet Fun Daily....W204 C63 Saloon Incoming!

    Lovely colour, congratulations!
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    C63 value

    About 20k private sale
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    C43 Alloy Wheel Options

    I picked up an ex demo last week with black 19’s...think they look pretty good and not to harsh a ride at all
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    Bye Bye C63

    Hi was at the detailers!
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    Bye Bye C63

    A C43 Estate...Nice car so far!
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    Bye Bye C63

    Well, after nearly 7 years ownership, i said goodbye to my C63 on the 31st/07. My first ever brand new car and it never missed a beat. Will miss the V8 Power and the exhaust note. Will not miss the atrocious mpg and constant visits to fill up! And the horrendous road tax, either....despite all...
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    Thule 754 Rapid Fit plus fitting kit 1204 for W203 Saloon

    Any interest in this? Thule 754 Kit...with fitting kit 1204 to Fit W203 C Class Saloon. Did not come with locks so this would have to be bought. £40.00 plus p & p & p
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    My dad, Bruce Millar

    Very sad news, sincerest condolences
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    W202 C43 AMG 5.4Ltr.

    Great effort, stunning car
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    W204 C63 Purchase??just can’t

    Defo go for a facelift. I bought mine new 2012 and still have it...33k miles and not one thing gone wrong. Av mpg 18.5 over that time but I don’t commute to work.
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    new c63 amg owner

    Very nice, congratulations!
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