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    Wheeler Dealers

    Good grief, are you serious? :wallbash:
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    Wheeler Dealers

    Now I think about it, I think it was a W123. Old age fogging memory...
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    Wheeler Dealers

    Pretty sure they've already done a W124, I've got every episode on a 32gb USB stick so I'll check. Agree about the SD1 though, think the pagoda SL probably out of budget. Not a fan of the SLK but very glad another series is being filmed, love watching every episode whether I like the car or...
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    Photo links for anyone interested Edit: Argh it's too long since I've used this sort of forum software and can't remember how to post URLs properly, if you're interested just go to, the car museum pics are the only public ones
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    Thanks for all the advice everyone, had a great time! I actually ended up staying in the town of Esslingen on the periphery of Stuttgart, a really beautiful old place with great pubs, beer and people :). The swim in the old art deco swimming pool fed by springs was great too, highly recommended...
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    Thanks I didn't know about the Sinsheim museum, I fancy going there as well. Love the Batmobile Maybach! Hopefully get enough time tomorrow to try and put some sort of plan together, I fly in Tues morn and out Fri morn so a bit of a whistle stop tour
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    Thanks for all the advice, I'll definitely go early then. I've allowed a day each so I can take my time. I don't think I'll be able to book a factory tour at this late notice, but in any case I'm more interested in the older, historical models of each marque. I'm quite excited about it now, I...
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    After a fairly fraught first part of the year I've finally got round to taking some time off work and on the spur of the moment have just booked a flight and hotel in Stuttgart for 3 days to go and wander round the Mercedes and Porsche museums. Any tips or advice from those who've been?
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    I don't get why people do this. AMG isn't as well known as BMW's M brand, the vast majority will never have heard of it and won't be impressed, and those who do know it won't be fooled anyway. Maybe Mercedes need a watered down sporting name for their non-AMG cars like M-Sport and S line...
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    E Class Wins Best Exec Car

    Exactly my issues with the CLS seats. That and the appalling visibility caused by the horribly large and misplaced door mirrors, and the massive B pillars caused by the frameless windows (why?)
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    Mercedes to Revamp Nomenclature

    The names and numbers don't really bother me, though I think it would have been more honest to call the current E coupe a CLK rather than trying to make out its an E class SLC though? Bit of a shame to give an iconic little coupe's name to a huge 2 door barge!
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    CLA/CLA45 AMG (Mini CLS) Spyshots - Offical Shots page 5!

    Looks ok, but he styling will be toned down for the CLA, stuck on ordinary 17" wheels and outed at around £25k+ for the base engine front wheel drive version. I may well be interested in AMG version for my next car though
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    Ipod Scrolling on Command

    I haven't found a way, annoying isn't it? I carry mine on a 64gb iPhone and it does take ages to scroll through. The only help I've found is judicious use of playlists.
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    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    Don't often post to this thread but this lovely little combination was parked near me in Sainsburys car park
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    iPhone + Audio 20

    Ok I checked today and mine is the same, won't access playlists or even podcasts over bluetooth. Neither does the album art work. The media interface is definitely the way to go!
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