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    How many different manufacturers cars ...

    1 Mercedes 2 Mercedes 3 Mercedes That is all.
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    Large charities pay chuggers around £10/ 'tips'
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    Conversations with a Working Man.

    And of course there was much less pressure to get out of council housing as most of it was in better condition and better maintained than equivalent private property, and few council estates were the zoos they have since become (promises mainly made out of fear of millions of blokes who had...
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    Conversations with a Working Man.

    Spookily similar to what my granddad said of his young days before and after WW1, men queuing up outside the works, doffing there caps to the gaffers and waiting to be told who had been picked to work that day. (and slipping the foreman the odd tanner when times were especially tough) Plus...
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    Conversations with a Working Man.

    As a result of the post war building booms ('homes for heroes') the rate of home ownership rose from only 20% in 1918 (only 20% of the adult population had the vote due to the property requirement, hence the vast majority of men who marched off to the 'Great War' had no vote...) to 50% by 1971...
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    Teachers - you couldn't make it up ...

    It says - twice - that the tests were performed at age 15, so that is utterly irrelevant. Also we do not have compulsory education to age 18 you can be out of education at 16 in this country
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    Teachers - you couldn't make it up ...

    Asia tops biggest global school rankings - BBC News Gosh, how did that happen (again)?
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    S124 Heater Problem

    There is a dividing valve 'duovalve' which controls each side separately, they stick fairly regularly, may just need cleaning rather than replacement. Its just in front of the brake reservoir. cheers
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    "cannot find the repair environment"

    Order a recovery disk here -
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    Want to buy an airport?

    Another EU triumph
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    "cannot find the repair environment" or possibly
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    This is Sad.

    Never happened yet.
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    This is Sad.

    I bet he walks
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    Gas pipes been stolen

    They have to burn it off I believe
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    Period Correct Tyres

    1985 ones?
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