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    Mercedes ML Remote Key Fob

    Wifes key started playing after getting the batteries changed at the last service and eventually packed in today. Didn't really fancy paying main dealer prices for a new key but tried this and worked first time:bannana: Many thanks
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    Centre console features

    If it's like mine, the parktronic switch is there. The rest is a blank. Barrie
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    W211 CDI Sport rear diffuser?

    Hi, if I remember correctly the saloon rear bumper is all in 1 piece. The estate has a removeable/replaceable bottom piece. May explain why you can't find one. Might be possible to fit an AMG rear bumper? Barrie
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    5 weeks to get a part from Mercedes!!

    Hi, if this is the same part I require for my 7G box, which I think it is, then I'm surprised. Mine was diagnosed with a faulty valve module body thingy on Tuesday. Part is arriving from MK tomorrow and hopefully I'll have the car back for the weekend. This may be partly due to Mobilo renting...
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    Oh dear ...

    The owner stays in Longcroft just of the M80 at Haggs. Stays with his parents and has just moved into a large detached house (run down and was empty for ages, but still large for Longcroft) with them. I don't know him, I just pass the house a lot. It now has chrome trims round the rear lights...
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    Mercedes books

    Found these at the back of the cupboard. 128 pages(B&W with some colour pics) hardback.Chapters on S, SE, and SEL. The SEC's, 190's W124's, G-Wagens, production figures, technical data etc. 81 pages (B&W) of roadtests of merc saloons including W123, W124, W201 and W202 at the end...
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    Sportline Gearknob

    For an automatic, fits W201, 124 poss 126 as well. Badge like new, leather has small usage marks but in very good condition overall. Looks like this Pictue in my old 190 Bargain at £20 posted Sorry for pic size
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    1990's AMG Brochures

    1993 35page brochure for the C36,E36,E60 + AMG design for W140's and R129's 1994 price list for C36,E36,SL60 plus prices for AMG bodykits and wheels. Unknown age, but about the same age as the above, 2 AMG accessory fold outs for the 190 and 200-300(W124). £15 posted
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    AMG Brochure (1984)

    Very rare AMG brochure with sections for Technical Modifications(engine, bodywork wheels etc) and Interiors. Contents for one section Front cover of another From Interior Mods 190 Engine Mods Looking for £20 posted
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    Help - "Private / Light Goods" versus "Light Goods Vehicle"

    It's a van with windows so if the GVW is above 2000Kg then the van speed limits apply. A long Vito's GVW is 2770Kg. I don't know if you can get it reclassified but is 10mph all that important. Most plod cars don't bother you, the Gatso's don't know what you are, only the camera vans seem to...
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    My new Merc - first thoughts - so it's a van

    I've been using a 111CDi(2006) for a year now and I hate to say this, but after 28,000 miles, I wish I had my old Citroen back:eek: Central locking has failed twice, couldn't lock it. Common problem with remotes and door contacts according to dealer. Ignition switch fell into the dash...
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    W124 for £30K??

    110K miles = 110,000 miles 11100 miles = 11,100 miles;)
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    Port Glasgow

    You must be thinking of somebody else. I went through to see them as I was offered a 16V and wanted to know what to look for and Steph chatted with me for ages, showing me a 16V without its head, digging out prices for common parts, talking about his turbo'd 190 he used to have. All this...
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