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    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread

    As regards the tunnel between Scotland and NI, Norway are trying to get a floating tunnel.
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    Are these wall cracks structural?

    Not a crack, it's a structural expansion joint :D
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    Covid-19 Discussion - STRICTLY NO POLITICS!

    And interestingly, the outbreak stemmed from an airport quarantine hotel.
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    Key won't turn - steering lock not engaged

    I think the battery only operates the lock/unlock, there is a sensor inside the key which reacts to the ignition slot, hence the metal key for when the battery dies to get into the car and still start it.
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    Covid-19 Discussion - STRICTLY NO POLITICS!

    I believe it's full board, 3 meals a day so I don't think £175 is too high, as said, it is also hoping to act as a deterrent.
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    Postcodes - An Explanation

    When we moved into my current house, 43 years ago, the post code was BS15 6DF it is now BS30 8DF. I can understand the first half, they just made the postal area smaller, but I always thought the second half was related to Ordnance Survey. With the building of new houses in the area, we also...
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    Key won't turn - steering lock not engaged

    As above, try the spare key first, if that solves it your key may need resynchronising to the car, a fiddly job, have a google, or you may need a new key.
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    Covid-19 Discussion - STRICTLY NO POLITICS!

    So you keep paying the tax an I'll keep drawing my pension :D
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    Number plate change?

    Was it on a personal plate? Typed my reg into the link above and only gave details of the car not the previous registration number.
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    G Wagen Opinion

    Owned a 5door version a few years ago, I think a 1988 280 GE auto with the wide wheel option. Used to take my two kids and their friends to their school about 8 of them altogether, the car was a 9 seater. We absolutely loved the car, except the fuel consumption, 15mpg, but we got 15mpg round...
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    Microsoft Office

    Downloaded LibreOffice, perfect for what I want. It was only that I had been using MS Office for so many years, really didn't want to change.
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    Microsoft Office

    Thanks all, it may be I am using a sledge hammer to crack a nut :D I use excel a dozen or so times a year and word a bit more often but not like I did when I was working, retirement does have it's down sides :D
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    Microsoft Office

    Thanks for that, but I notice now that MS Office is a pay monthly whereas my old system was a one off purchase, anyway round that even with an alternative product
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    Microsoft Office

    Hi all, I recently changed my hard disc for an ssd, cloned the new disc but apparently MS office treats this as a new computer and will not let me write anything. I think it is about time I updated my MS Office, I think mine is 2013 and I cannot find the disc or product key. Microsoft say the...
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    No problem watching the tracking, but if they go to the expense of supplying satellite cameras and drones to the racers, it does seem a waste not to use them. But the Americas Cup is good watching, sailing at 50+ Knots
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