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    A good 3 hours spent well worth it 👍
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    Where we all from?

    Lanarkshire about 20 miles from Glasgow
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    Happy Birthday, S2000Paul

    Happy birthday Paul 🍰🍺
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    Interior ambient lighting

    Hi SarahAnn tried to run the led strip along the top of the console but there wasn't much of a gap to do that so the led sits underneath the bottom of the console as to the power source I didn't remove the console took the easy way out USB lead to the rear USB port I don't need to piug or unplug...
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    A45 owner

    Welcome to the club nice car👍
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    First venture into bringing a car back to original glory 😃

    Hi Mark and welcome looking forward to see how you get on 👍
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    Pullman lurve!!!

    Beautiful looking car 👌
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    Favourite ever sportsmen/women. Team sport or individual

    JOHN SURTEES the only man to win championships in both motorbikes and F1
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    Re. AdBlue Heat

    Hi had the same problem with my ML a few years back got it sorted at an independent MB garage it was around £400 including fitting
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    Tyre size advice

    Hi Rob as to your tyre pressure it should tell you on the fuel flap
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    New member

    Welcome to the club 👍
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    Welcome to the club ray👍
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    What's Everyone Watching on TV

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    C205 C63 Replica (Don’t Hate)

    Welcome to the club betty👍
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    Wheel wax

    Hi looking for some wheel protection wax etc can anyone give me some advice what gives good protection
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