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    Interested in Falconry

    we went on a visit to the Cotswold falconry centre Cotswold Falconry & Bird of Prey Centre they have some nice big eagles and hawks and our kids liked the flying display they put on. there was someone on a course with the instructors (keepers?? pilots??) who got to put the gloves on and call...
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    11th Hour 11th Day of the 11 Month

    was on a domestic BA flight this morning and whilst the winds delayed our arrival into heathrow the captain then came on the intercom and politely called for 2 minutes silence at precisely 11 am. was very eerie being above the south of england gently circling in a perfectly and respectfully...
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    Grrr just had a teenager in a mask asking for money! i'm all for a few twixes for little ones but thats just taking the ****
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    C63 test drive ends with a golf in the boot!

    i've been in a situation where i've pulled out onto a dual carriageway (40 limit) and found a pedestrian crossing the road right in front of me. he had been waiting for the same gap i had apparently. fortunately i changed my mind and stopped as did the car behind but it was close for me and...
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    The Jackals are circling.

    whenever i travel i am always struck by how poor tv usually is and how much the BBC is respected by other people - even nonEnglish speakers. I'm glad - there is precious little left that we are the best at.
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    Hole in one, its never too late.

    oh and multiple congrats to your dad :o
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    Hole in one, its never too late.

    This isn't right, if they concede putts in the Ryder Cup and other matchplay events why is there no such thing?
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    Nightmare for two weeks in 2012

    anyone been to an Olympic city while it's on? i have and its fantastic - cant wait
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    This made me chuckle!!

    I use Screwfix for little odd jobs - much better retail experience than one of those DIY supershed efforts where everything is mixed up like some jumble sale. and the screwfix catalogue is one of my guilty pleasures....:o
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    What SLR camera ?

    camera box does pretty much any camera with any lens as a "kit" here is the Nikon page.... Nikon Digital SLR D50 D70 D70s D100 D200 D1X D2X so no need to pay out for a lens if it isn't exactly the one you want....
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    What SLR camera ?

    sounds like great service. i've got a good zoom - 18-200 and it does almost everything i would ever want - the only possible addition might be a smaller lens for low light. taking family/outdoor/holiday/sport it's great not having to swap back and forth.
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    What SLR camera ?

    have you tried Ken Rockwell's site ( he has his critics but for us amateurs it's good reading. Just a thought.
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    What SLR camera ?

    another Nikon D90 owner here, I combined it with their 18-200mm lens. very happy with it - I too got quite into reading the reviews about various cameras and at around the amount of money you are looking to spend it's hard to go wrong. There simply isn't a "bad" choice if you stick with the...
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    Why oh Why!!

    I like the minimerc. Hilarious.
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    How big is a Smart's boot?

    Many thanks to all - seems like the luggage equation will work after all.:bannana:
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