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    Mercedes gl420 door mirrors don't match

    Hi my drivers side door mirror has a thick black surround and the passenger is a plain mirror without surround is that normal? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Looking for ML or GL

    Well ended up getting a gl420 today went to view private sale and it was amazing condition for age 50,000 miles Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Looking for ML or GL

    Hi I need a powerful ml or gl to tow a 3 tonne boat. It needs to be reliable and will be a 3rd car so I don't want to spend too much. I have been looking at the ml420 but have read on this forum favourable comments about the gl. Any comments suggestions please, and if anyone has a well...
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    F1 split rim refurb company recommends?

    Hi I have to refurb my split rim sl55 amg wheels, they have diamond polished rims. Can anyone recommend a company to do these, I have had problems with some of the wheel refurb companies previously, in the UK please
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    SL55 F1 Performance pack

    has anyone used aftermarket discs on the f1 performance pack car?
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    SL55 clicking noise steering while parking

    hi guys any ideas what this could be? seems fine while driving, just get a clicking noise while parking / very low speed turning.
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    SL55 F1 Performance pack

    Thanks guys, the query was is the f1 performance pack the same as the amg perforamance Pack 030. Mercedes have confirmed the car has the 030 amg performance pack but the guy spoke to have never heard of the f1 performance pack.
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    SL55 F1 Performance pack

    Hi I am looking at a SL55 which is being sold as F1 perforamance pack. It is 2007 and I have checked with Mercedes who confirm it has a 030 AMG performance pack but they hadn't heard of an F1 performance pack. are they the same thing? the car has carbon trim and big brakes!
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    Brand new ML500 wheels for sale

    I will take £450 for the set
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    Brand new ML500 wheels for sale

    I have a set of Brand new (without tyres in box) ML500 wheels for sale if anyone is interested.
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    Merc wheel company

    Hi, Does anyone know a decent secound hand wheel supplier for merc wheels other than trawling through ebay?
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    Making some progress with comand!

    Can i say thanks to everyone, escpecially silversalon for help so far with the comand installation in my 2000 ML. Today i have made a small step forward using a new 2004 map disk a few of my problems have been sorted. Intrestingly i used a 2001 map disk originally and using this disk looses...
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    Canbus speed signal

    Sorry try this link
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    Canbus speed signal

    After many hours of investigation and help from people on this forum i am now planning to use these parts to generate the VSS speed signal for my W208 comand installation into an ML 2000. Has anyone tried this? any advice before i buy all the bits! My car has the...
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    ML GPS Aerial?

    Thanks Wobbley i have found the website. I dont know if you noticed but it listed 3 mL's in different sections of the list! I have come to the conclusion that i do in fact need a canbus convertor / simulator as i have seen the green and white twisted pair that must mean there is some form of...
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