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    E63 estate

    What IS the colour?
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    Tyre Dressing - Nokian Tyres

    There are plenty of ideas here
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    4 Wheels alignment recommendation near Chelmsford, Essex

    Here are my recent posts. The chap is called Joe and he is knowledgeable and welcoming.
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    Tyres in pairs only?

    I don't subscribe to the virtues of sub optimal car set up and maintenance.
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    4 Wheels alignment recommendation near Chelmsford, Essex

    That said, I do rate them highly.
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    4 Wheels alignment recommendation near Chelmsford, Essex

    AFAIK, Tony retired a couple of years ago.
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    S212 E350 BlueEfficiency Avantgarde 7 seater

    I didn't know that the S212 was supplied with a factory option of a third row rear facing seats.
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    Engine and gearbox mounts

    I don't see why you don't turn your scrutiny towards the posts that recommend indys apparently protected by a halo effect of unquestioned positive feedback. After all, if this is the response one can anticipate when posting honest results of work paid and undertaken inadequately, how can you...
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    Engine and gearbox mounts

    My comment was in response to the cheerleading recommendation. At the end of the day, I spent my own money and the results were a complete sagging of the rear, as opposed to the slow leak that they aimed to fix. I don't aim to retell my life story, what is the nature of your interrogation?
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    Engine and gearbox mounts

    Blimey, I only posted yesterday evening... I hope that you haven't stayed up waiting for my response! Regarding Terry, I haven't bothered going back to discuss the whats and wherefors, as I've been very busy this year; I just used my local indy who replaced the airmatic system. I wouldn't quite...
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    Engine and gearbox mounts

    With respect, Terry's tech performed a repair on my airmatic and it failed a couple of weeks later. That's one less recommendation.
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    Diamond cut wheel

    Black chrome or chrome silver look like viable alternatives to diamond cut.
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    Notwen's CLK55 AMG

    Looks great! Is this true to OEM in colour? Did you send your own steering wheel? Michael
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    ** Pic's Of My S600 V12 Twin Turbo W221 Facelift AMG Pack, 21" plus "

    Hi Sam, I've read your whole thread through and whilst the large large(!) alloys aren't to my tastes (it's a bit too California for me), I love the approach and care and enjoyment that you have for this and your fleet.
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    Wheel cleaner in bulk...

    Woah. Mind blown! Using the sheeting method, does that mean that I can 'sheet' then dry from the top of the car downwards? i.e panel by panel? EDIT: If so, then I could consider the smaller water filter for the rinsing/sheeting stage, to avoid the risk of hard water deposits - though perhaps...
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