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    R230 roof stuck / boot issue

    Hi all - so I was out today with my new (to me) R230 SL500 and of course put the roof down... lovely. But when I got to my destination, it wouldn't go back up! 😬 I had the following symptoms: When I pushed the roof switch, the windows would shift down, but nothing further happened No error...
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    2007 SL500 aux in

    Thanks both! I would like to avoid trailing wires in the car. I was hoping I could come up with a similar solution as on my old E39 5 series where I wired an aux into the stereo and routed it to the glove box, then connected a cheap bluetooth adapter. So the trailing wires were only in the...
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    2007 SL500 aux in

    Hi all, I am now the proud owner of a 2007 (i.e. first facelift) R230 SL500. Lucky me! I of course did lots of reading up before buying the car, but didn't look into the matter of how to get music from my phone into my audio system. (I have a 6 CD autochanger behind the passenger seat and the...
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