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    Driven: E300 BlueTec Hybrid

    Following this with interest as I've been offered a hybrid pre-facelift model with a large discount off of list. Economy is one factor in my decision (I'm in an XC90 now) and RFL another (£475 in the Volvo). The question. I asked was "what's it like in the real world". I'd made an assumption of...
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    what to look for on CLS

    No major issues with mine - tyre wear completely as expected for a heavy, fast car. Had issues with my glow plugs - had to replace them completely twice in six months but since then no issues. Other than that, feed, water, point, shoot :-)
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    W212 Estate - Offical press release

    If they finally address the engineering issue that prevents it from coming to this country in 4-matic form, I will forgo the 4x4 for the farm cottage that we live in. At the moment, I need an occasional 7 seater and would prefer 4x4 for the winter and the light track we need to use to get to our...
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    FAO CLS owners

    I'd agree with saorbust - I've been getting around 15k from a set of tyres on my CLS. Brakes needed replacing after about 30k miles but that is consistent with the S-Class that I've had in the past. It's a big heavy car after all. My dealer in Edinburgh has been fine - but they are all...
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    Does anyone have experience of Helphire?

    I had the car I had at the time because I regularly took banking clients out and they had "certain expectations" at the time. Hence being provided with a like for like car. Funnily enough, five years later a Ford Ka probably would have met their "expectations" :)
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    Does anyone have experience of Helphire?

    Interesting...I was covered by Angel Assistance as well - it was them that put me onto Helphire...
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    Does anyone have experience of Helphire?

    My car was hit in my parents driveway by a guy in a hired transit van in November 2004. Helphire provided me with a loan Merc for 10 days. They were very helpful, prompt and delivered and picked up precisely when they said they would Unfortunately, they charged an arm and a leg for the Merc...
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    Cheap new unregistered E500s

    Good for you - I'd be interested to hear how it pans out. They don't have any R-Class that they want to "get rid of" too do they :D :devil:
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    Cheap new unregistered E500s

    So? Deal done?
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    R Class suprise

    You should ask them for one of their E500's as a loan car ;) (see cheap E500 thread)
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    Cheap new unregistered E500s

    Oh go on then...just be warned that I fight dirty :cool:
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    Cheap new unregistered E500s

    At that price, it is yours no need to fight...enjoy :D
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    Cheap new unregistered E500s

    I'd be tempted by the E500 Estate IF it was under £30k. At £43.5k I'd rather buy a new 7-seater 4x4 e.g. XC90, Landcruiser etc.
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    Thinking of a please

    It's a great car and certainly different when compared with anything else out there. I traded from a CLK55 to mine early last year and although if I had to be honest I'd rather have the CLK55, it is a great compromise in terms of ooomph vs fuel consumption (I was doing a lot of business miles...
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    31.6mpg good or bad?

    Best I ever got out of my CLK5 AMG Cab was a shade under 28mpg on a 100 mile run, but averaged around 20mpg over the time I had the car. My CLS320 CDI is running around a 30.1mpg average with best figures of 39.9mpg. Sounds like your 320 did well on your longer run...
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