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    Brian's W212 - 2010 E350 CDI Sport

    Sold - Traded In for a Jaguar XF 3.0D Premium Luxury
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    calibrate gear changes

    Mine was done by the Dealer under warranty when it became jerky.
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    W204 safety recall

    Hang on while I close it. :crazy::crazy:
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    Does being FWD as opposed to RWD put you off the new A class?

    Poll put on as requested. :thumb:
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    Avalanche in Glencoe

    Closed at the request of renault12ts
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    The first thing that comes to mind.

    Stupid name
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    Bloody snow

    Anyone who drives on a road that is officially "closed" is not only foolish but is putting themselves and the recovery team sent to rescue them at risk. :crazy:
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    Bloody snow

    I don't keep my cars long enough to justify winter tyres, and the weather is only bad for a couple of weeks a year.
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    Bloody snow

    OK when the road is covered in snow. If the road is clear then you have to remove them, as they can damage the road surface. That is the problem atm as the main roads around here are clear, it's only the side roads which are slippy/dangerous.
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    Bloody snow

    I'd bought a set of Chains for my car, big ones for the large rear tyres I have. But the snow in my area is not quite bad enough to use them atm. The problem usually is getting out of my road, which is slightly uphill in both directions, but the road at both ends is a bus route and has been...
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    DAB Radio E Class

    Mine doesn't drop out but repeats itself briefly as it changes signal area. Annoying so I use FM mostly.
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    Arise Sir WIGGO.

    This is turning a decent thread very Political CLOSED
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    Left the washer out and it disappeared

    Surely that is why you left it out, so the Tinkers could take it for scrap. :rolleyes:
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    iPhone cradle

    Yes pre-wire is an option, if you have it there will be a cradle holder in the glove box.
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    Please use Black text as other colours are so off-putting. :doh: Welcome anyway Lesley. ;)
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