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    Sat Nav warning - no valid TomTom subscription

    Mmmmn you're probably right. I'd forgotten it until this came up
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    Sat Nav warning - no valid TomTom subscription

    A couple days ago mine displayed 'do you want to authorise Mercedes Me - Yes - No' I was driving and it blocked the satnav. Just thought stupid message doesn't tell me anything and I pressed Yes. Don't know if it changed the contract terms - don't know where to look.
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    Which One C-Class W205

    Anyone had trouble with the electric boot lid on a W205.? C250d is a brilliant car generally but on mine the boot lid frequently only opens half way. Been back to the dealer several times. First time they said it was adjustment. Last time they got excited because they had found a faulty...
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    Self driving lorries now

    I would have thought three goods vechiles linked together is called a freight train and the best place for it is on two metal rails.
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    Playing Politics with London’s Transport System

    As a kid I lived in Wimbledon/Merton. Started driving 1959. Used to drink with mates on a Friday night and only afterwards drive into London/Soho. Several things about that. We could drink and drive legally. South London to Soho in about 20 minutes. We parked easily for free in Soho or Chelsea...
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    Mercedes Naming System?

    -- and my W205 is shown on the door pillar, and the V5C as a type W204 !
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    Outdoor wildlife cameras?

    Thanks for your advice. The big house some 400 yds away has undergone serious refurb this last year and the garden undisturbed for years remodelled so I think you are all probably right - badgers. A camera seems the best bet but unfortunately it will have to wait for a while - ill report back...
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    Simply stunning....but which one the car or the sales person?

    Hardly noticed the floating iPad screen in that clip. Perhaps every new car should come with a girl instead of a bunch of flowers or a key ring.
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    Outdoor wildlife cameras?

    Rockits. Years ago we moved into a new to us house. The overnight the kitchen attracted huge wall climbing slugs and we suspected mice. One night I let the family go to bed and then stood silently in the kitchen. It didn't need a camera, 10 mins later mice appeared from everywhere (and I mean...
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    Outdoor wildlife cameras?

    That was a quick response thank you. Woodythewise. I might try your suggestion. I missed that one in my quick look round. Price is about right because I don't think we are into this long term, just got us and the neighbours baffled. Might never go in the garden again after dark of course!
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    Outdoor wildlife cameras?

    Has anybody used a 'budget priced' outdoor wildlife (not birds) camera to record what goes on in our gardens after we humans go to bed? Huge holes appear under fences in our gardens overnight. Whatever it is it has the ability to move bricks and bits of concrete and damage fences. Some cameras...
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    Wrong W204/5 Type Number ?

    Just picking up on this again as the DVLA have sent me a new V5C. My original concern was that my V5C was incorrectly showing my car as a W204 (it's a W205) although the Vin No was correct. True the tag on the door pillar shows it as a type W204 (Vin No. W205). The MB main dealer that I...
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    Mercedes Benz Floating Ipad Screens.

    I hated it enough to choose the Jaguar XE instead of a C Class, but after a year of constant problems and returns to the Dealer I gave in went back to Mercedes and a C250d. I think the tablet screeen is great now, it suits the dash layout, it's a sensible size with good resolution, and it sits...
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    MB Connect Me/A205 check brake pad wear

    Don't know about your brake wear but my W205 C250d emailed me to tell me the battery wasn't performing well. As it happens I had anticipated a problem and booked it in for a week hence. Sure enough when it went in the battery was duff and replaced. I was quite taken back to get the email though...
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    Wrong W204/5 Type Number ?

    Yes CaptainChaos I agree with you now. Problem is I asked the Dealer I bought it from for an explanation and they chose to return the V5 to the dvla. I wonder now why they didn't just phone MB at Milton Keynes for an explanation. I can see now that you could have a W204 Series and then...
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