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    Black Friday deal, today only.

    I suppose any savings could differ dependant on size/make etc....Blackcircles may have ended up being more expensive if I’d chosen a different brand/ size.
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    Black Friday deal, today only.

    Just priced 4 Crossclimates at Blackcircles......£70 cheaper than Kwikfit even with Kwikfit’s BF deal, by the time you add on balancing/disposal/ etc.
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    A Timely Reminder

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    Winter wheels

    I’ve used Cross Climates too (on a Civic) and would also recommend them.
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    New official production road car speed record ... 316 mph

    Hmmm...only 311mph above the speed limit in my home town.
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    19s yes or no

    Up my way the roads have too many potholes etc to be sure of avoiding wheel damage, so probably no to 19”.
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    In or no excusues "out"

    Back to the original depends if you’re a rugby union fan or a football fan.
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    MOT 6 month extension

    Just been on the site and couldn’t see this......where did you find it?
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    Travelling to garage?

    I think the point is that going out in your car, for reasons other than those stated by Boris and co, creates an additional risk, albeit slight, that you will be involved in a breakdown/accident that may require the emergency services to attend when they could be better employed elsewhere. It’s...
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    Heavy R171 SLK300 not self centreing

    Absolute mince.....I had a 10 plate SLK300 until about 15 months ago (owned it for 4+ years) and never had this problem.
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    Bridgestone Potenza!

    I’d agree with this. I had them on my S2000 and never felt very confident with them.
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    Energy suppliers

    We've been with OVO for a couple of years now, and they're now paying 5% interest on credit balances (which is a damn sight more than I'm getting on any of my savings accounts!!)
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    Michelin tyres

    Did this on my wife's Civic just over a year ago, and also very pleased with the tyres. Much quieter than the ES tyres, and appear to be wearing better too. The car feels less fidgety in the wet and is much better at dealing with standing water.
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    Home HiFi - what`s your poison?

    Thinking about getting a Muso to replace my old Arcam amp, cd, and Spendor system. I know it probably won't quite be the same sonically, but then again, my ears ain't as sonically sound as they were when I bought the system. :D I know it's difficult to quantify, but how far away from a...
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    Kindle recommendations

    +1....great for reading in bed without disturbing SWMBO
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