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    C class rear brakes

    25k miles at service and 28k at MOT. Only had the car a year, but fronts seem fine... That said the fronts are way bigger, so with the rears being smaller circumference and possibly thinner I suspect that's part of the reason.
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    C class rear brakes

    I have a 2016 c220d and back in August was told by the Mercedes Garage who do the services that the rear discs and pads were low and needed changing. I declined. Spending £200+ wasn't on my list of things to do that day. 4 months later I took it to a reputable independent for it's MOT, 'Can you...
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    Fitting instructions for cycle carriers and roof bars Class W205 Saloon

    The rubber strips are available from Thule - and fit pretty well. They aren't cheap though. A couple of years ago I needed to buy some new ones and it was cheaper to buy in the US and ship to the UK. There may be cheaper alternatives available now though. So I would search it up as the...
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    Do you use the speedtronic limiter?

    I'm the same. It was the one feature I most missed when I had an Audi, glad to have it back. Would love to also have distronic which in combination with the limiter would be perfect. Maybe on the next car (although planning on hanging on to mine for quite some time!).
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    Middle rear seat belt problem

    Quite... I had exactly the same on an Audi a few years back. Really very strange... Maybe there were a batch made for different manufacturers and the person kept getting it wrong. I eventually fixed it but not before ruining the original seatbelt. My tip for fixing is... Buy a new plastic...
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    W205 water leak seat rail?

    This is really shocking. I know that there may be more to all this than you can write in a forum post but Mercedes really aren't doing themselves any favours here at all. Surely the solution is for MB UK to contribute a little for your time and hassle and sort out getting your 'old' motor...
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    Tow bar fitted to a C220 estate amg line.

    Golden! Thank you!!
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    Tow bar fitted to a C220 estate amg line.

    Ok, I've just (finally!!) checked the table of numbers on the vin plate in the drivers door area. I have an s205 c220d AMG line premium plus with Pano roof etc. This suggests to me that the car is rated for a maximum trailer weight of 1860kg (line 2 - line 1). Is that correct? Many thanks, M
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    Tow bar fitted to a C220 estate amg line.

    JHS - will be really interested in seeing your setup. I hadn't thought it through when I bought our car and didn't realise about the towbar restriction (c220d pp AMG-line). But would love to fit a tow bar to enable me to pull my 12 for dinghy (v light) and occasionally fit a bike carrier on the...
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    19s yes or no

    Honestly, try the new P Zeros, night and day difference in a good way.
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    Best run flats

    Kwik fit have 10% off at the moment, which works out cheaper than anywhere else I could find once fitting is accounted for. These are the newer version (note the tyre sticker values... The older ones are noisier and less efficient).
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    Best run flats

    I've just put a new set of the latest version of the Pirelli p zero MOE's. Huge improvement over previous generation. They are 19 inch run flats.
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    NOx Sensor (Recall)

    There is a firmware update to the engine management for the NOx sensor issue which Mercedes supply free during the next service. I've read reports that Mercedes for replace the sensors free if the firmware update is applied and they fail, but most people seem to get the update and have no...
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    Pirelli P Zeros for 2016 s205 c220d

    Thanks all - some useful pointers. Has anyone had experience of Oponeo and Mytyres and getting them fitted in south west London? The reviews seem a bit patchy on Mytyres, but the price looks pretty attractive. I'm hoping that all the RF P Zeros have decent rim protection as per mine and...
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    Pirelli P Zeros for 2016 s205 c220d

    Thanks Bob - they are 19" (R19 as per the spec's quoted). Mercedes quoted £800 fitted and KwikFit are a bit higher than that but after discount cheaper. Will have a look at Asda etc. Anyone know anything about the rim protector side-wall profile?
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