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    Shall I let the dealer Starguard my new GLC?

    Only if it is free.
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    Parking bufoonery.

    Damage my car and I will do equal to theirs tbh. You see this all the time, people resting their door on the car next to them. The mind boggles.
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    Where do i get an sls serviced

    You have an SLS and are looking for a cheap service? £800 is pretty decent actually. Also, skipping a year is a big no no. My dad always says to do this due to my low mileage. Cars have changed though, the advanced oils in these for example will degrade over time. It isn't a mileage issue.
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    No "Halos " for F1 DRIVERS next year

    It's too soon for this tbh. It also looks stupid.
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    New to MB and AMG

    A good choice. I see lots of these where I live and they look and sound great. Going to be a long wait!
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    SLK55AMG Where can I get it supercharged?

    I know someone who did this, headers etc spending about £20k in total. It can certainly be done. I personally wouldn't, the chassis can barely handle the engine that it currently has tbh. Keep us updated if you decide to go ahead with it :)
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    E63 collected

    Looks great!
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    water softners

    We have one of these. No power needed, small, solid salt blocks, water supply rate not affected, can't complain!
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    Speeding advice

    Plenty of people do it, don't get caught and then claim to be saints. Lol. Good to see you accept it and move on.
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    Personal number plate cost

    I assume A12 DJR is currently owned by someone and that they would only sell it for that amount? Certainly the case when you look on plate selling websites. The others are probably held by the DVLA and if reasonably generic will be cheaper.
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    ECO mode

    There are a long list of criteria that have to be met for the car to stop/start. Just one or more that haven't been met. If in a lot of the traffic the secondary battery will probably drain. I don't get stop/start for very long, probably because my car is so power hungry. I don't see why people...
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    Lewis Hamilton may start Belgian GP from the back of the grid

    Nico might be due a new gearbox anyway after the last race, so he will drop some places too.
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    Lewis Hamilton may start Belgian GP from the back of the grid

    This was inevitable. Was expecting them to do it at Monza though.
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    Dancing headlights

    Agreed, really cool. I have the adaptive lights and I enjoy watching them every time.
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    Slk 55 r172 exhaust butterflys

    No, they open more and more as you plant your foot to the floor. I have seen people do this on slkworld, whether it goes into limp mode seems hit or miss. I would just get an xpipe installed in place of the silencer and secondary cats and it will make you very happy and solve your current...
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