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    Fitting a parrot to a Mercedes SL 350

    Have you had a really good look inside the glovebox? It's on the right side and quite well hidden. My 2003 model had one and I connected my ipoi to it at the time
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    Haynes Motor Museum - Sunday 2nd Sept

    Parked in the front near the Astroturf area Maybe another time we could arrange a specific mb area if we get enough interest . I would be happy to try and arrange that with Haynes
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    Haynes Motor Museum - Sunday 2nd Sept

    It was a very busy turnout today. The largest I've been to A great selection of cars including a mcclaren and a few Ferrari and aston Martin I particularly liked some of the American turnout...Mustang, Chevy, etc Shame I couldn't see too many mb there
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    Haynes Motor Museum - Sunday 2nd Sept

    I will be there. I regularly go to Haynes so I won't be doing another tour but I will look out for any Mercedes that are around. There is a better breakfast to be had at Mattias on the A 303 on the way to yeovilton I will be in a dark blue SL,400
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    Family law

    I'm waiting to see who gets custody of the cars...after all this is a car forum isn't it
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    Road film removal

    Clay bar
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    Thoughts on MB service plans?

    I'm wrestling with this now. My main difficulty is I don't know what is required at each service as mb don't give you a service book anymore Is there any way I can get this information? I've been quoted £57 month on sl400. The quotes I've had for a aba service are all over the shop and I am...
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    Disabled parking bays

    What goes around etc...maybe he will really need a disabled car space one day ( not wishing Ill on anyone of course) As for these two try this " excuse me is that your lexus in a disabled space? I think someone has just run into it" And see how fast they move!
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    Euro breakdown cover

    If you have fmbsh then MOBILO EUROPE covers you. If not , when is your next service due? If before you go, then consider getting it done by your local mb dealer. That might be cost effective. You can always haggle with them as a returning customer!
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    It raining, it’s snowing. I know I’m not going.

    It's rather pathetic compared to the winters of the 80s for example. But I think it's due to s combination of 3 things A lot of drivers, particularly young drivers, .have little or no experience of driving in the snow Many modern cars have auto boxes and considerable torque which makes it hard...
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    How much can you drink?

    I would consider 10 pints of beer to be just as much as 1 to 2 bottles of wine I can drink wine over an evening far easier than beer. I guess it's each to their own.10 pints would kill me! I know some spirits affect me more than others It's a complex personal thing. The important thing is to...
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    Gillingham Dorset mb specialist

    Does anyone know this company in Gillingham Dorset By reputation or use Thanks
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    6week ban

    So to test I suppose, if you can kick the surgeon you are ok.?!
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    6week ban

    6weeks on and I'm back behind the wheel. Walking without any crutches around the house but I do take one crutch for by obligatory walk around the village every day. thankfully the weather has been very good so I've actually enjoyed my walks, something that doesn't come naturally to me. Now it's...
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    Nappa leather

    They weren't that cheap either. Top of the range m&s. Most jeans manufacturers recommend washing before wearing. I thought I had but apparently not enough. Just be careful of dye and of course any studs on pockets
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