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    Does the back of my W212 E350 sit correctly? (height wise)

    to confirm I bought the car with the standard shocks / springs, fitted air ride to it a while back, this was using coilover shocks and airbags. I have now removed the air suspension and refitted the original shocks and springs on it so it is back to standard, just looks like it sits too high at...
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    Does the back of my W212 E350 sit correctly? (height wise)

    Indeed yes in a fairly thin metal thing the spring sits on, indeed they are right up to where they should be. I noticed the front shocks felt quite soft so wondering if they are lower than the should be which in turn is taking the rear up?
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    Does the back of my W212 E350 sit correctly? (height wise)

    Hi all, I have just removed the 'air ride' suspension from my 2010 E350 saloon in preparation for selling and noticed that the rear of the car sits somewhat higher than i remember it being when I bought it? I've taken a quick couple of pics tonight to show but will take some better ones...
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    On the hunt for an E Class

    Thanks AMV, indeed I am selling mine due to shrinking my fleet down for an impending house build! Will let it go for £7k without the air ride (will sit on factory shocks and springs, or will fit lowering springs at my cost if preferred. She genuinely is a nice one, I bought it completely stock...
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    4 ply facemasks

    I thought I would put these up for sale on here in case anyone is struggling to source these at short notice for personal or business use. I have been lucky enough to have available and in stock a large number of 4 ply surgical face masks. These are high quality masks (not the cheap ones that...
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    W212 4gauge power cable direct to battery?

    hi all, I have decided to fit my JL Audio sub / Rockford Fosgate amp into my 2010 E350 (W212). I have a line out converter which also gives me a remote turn on so will figure out what wires I need to tap into when needed, what I would like to know for now is whereabouts through the bulkhead I...
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    Bahrain Formula 1 weekend tickets

    Not sure if anyone would be interested on here given the circumstances around the World at the moment but I have 7 tickets to the Bahrain Formula 1 Grand Prix in March for both qualifying and race day (Saturday and Sunday). Seats are in the University Grandstand (turn 1,2,3) in block A row E...
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    black V8 bi turbo badges and brand new MB mug

    I have a pair of black V8 Bi Turbo badges for the front wings (non-genuine but identical) sitting in the cupboard, was going to fit to my S63 but sold the car now so no longer needed. Bought them a while back from a show but never removed from the packet. £10.00 for the pair including delivery...
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    W212 E class saloon top mounts

    Thanks, they do look the same as mine to be fair. I've fitted them anyway so lets see what happens!!
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    W212 E class saloon top mounts

    Hi all, can someone tell me if there are any differences between a W212 (saloon) shock/top mounting whether it is 220/250/350 or are they all the same? Reason for asking is that I am fitted air suspension (Airrex) on my 2010 E350, they came from an E220 and although all of the shock bolts line...
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    W124 190e - engine conversion, what is best?

    Its currently the 2.0litre auto in there
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    W124 190e - engine conversion, what is best?

    Ah ok noted thanks, what engine would you suggest? Thanks
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    W124 190e - engine conversion, what is best?

    or this one? Mercedes-Benz CLK 230 | eBay
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    W124 190e - engine conversion, what is best?

    Would this be a simple drop in? MERCEDES SLK CLK 230 COMPRESSOR ENGINE MOTOR MOTEUR M 111.973 1996-2000 | eBay
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