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    No ambient lighting option in a S350D AMG Line 2014?

    Standard on AMG Line with the "Premium" pack. You're not missing much, I'm being generous describing it as "subtle".
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    W205 C Class Comand Latest Map Version

    Just email MBUK and get it straight from the horses mouth, that's what I've done in the past.
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    Headlight main beam switching in Auto

    By "switching to main beam" do you mean pushing the light stalk away from yourself and illuminating the blue warning light on the display?
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    W205 C63s 12v Switched Fuse Help

    Hardwire Car Charger Power Cable Kit For Mini Auto Dash Cam DVR Camera Mi GX462 | eBay Try something like this above and use an "add a fuse" to tap into the fusebox so you're not cutting any wiring.
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    Command Questions

    Three years of free updates surely for a 2014 car.
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    How do I connect to the cars internet

    Are you registered on the "Mercedes Me" website?
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    Replacing Run Flats on a W205

    I have an early W205 AMG Line with run flats fitted to the standard 18" 5 spoke rims, will this wheel be suitable for non run flats and if so would it be advisable to stick to MO spec tyres? The Conti's that it came fitted with don't seem as well stocked by dealers at the moment as Pirelli...
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    Best Windscreen (Rear/Front) Cleaner

    It's not so much the product you use but what you apply it with. Absorbent paper towels being the best.
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    B1 sevice

    Mine's having a B1 today for £480, just been emailed a video showing the underside check on my car which seems a bit gimmicky. You'll be having a brake fluid change as well. How would you know if there are any software updates?
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    iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program

    What's that got to do with MB?
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    Tyre valves

    I'm just pre empting getting ripped off, just like when you buy a pair of shoes, they always try to sell you polish.
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    Front bumper dent, cost to fix?

    Rub it off with a green kitchen scouring pad.
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    Tyre valves

    Do those fancy metal tyre valves need replacing when you fit new tyres on a W205 with run flats? There's mention of potential extra cost due to valves that I've found whilst I've been pricing tyres on a couple of websites.
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    Don't spoil it! or should I?

    Chinese/Taiwanese stuff is very good, very quick delivery and spot on colour match. You might get hit with customs duty a few days later, about £25.
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    A3 service plus atf change and filter

    B1 on a W205 C200 with brake fluid for £486 at a dealer and I thought that was steep.
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