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    Considering a CLS 55 amg

    That's rather strange and certainly not normal!
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    CL500 W215 ABC button

    My ABC equipped W220 has 2 buttons related to it. One raises/lowers the suspension (3 settings) and one firms up the suspension
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    WTB - CLK55 AMG Cabrio.

    Your number plate on the other car is rather awesome!
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    What is wrong with this picture?

    If you don't already have a face covering, how are you supposed to enter to browse their range?
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    What is wrong with this picture?

    There should not be an apostrophe after 'homeowners'
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    I am just not getting this, so apologies. Do these wheels fit?

    That wheel has a 43mm offset whereas W211 wheels have an offset of 38mm. At least, the standard wheels from my 2008 E280 Avantgarde have a 38mm offset. This will show you the difference, assuming the same 245/45 tyres on both: offset calculator Note "Compared to your existing wheel, this new...
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    Landsail gone in 10k miles

    I had the same on my E Class. I got a bit more mileage than that out of them, but not by much. I think they're quite a soft compound.
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    New in Fareham, Hants.

    Welcome, neighbour
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    Amazing 1966 W111 250 Coupe 'Fintail' Heckflosse

    Stunning? Agreed, Coincidentally, I'm from the same year and I am too :D
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    Beautiful E63AMG W211

    Isn't that priced as if it had half the miles?!
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    Cl55 w215 Kompressor wheel size change will these fit ?

    This is a useful site in for answering these questions:
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    Hello From Portsmouth

    Welcome from another W220 owner in the same area
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    Selling Shares

    I get free trades with II if I take the market price at that moment. If I specify a min price to sell or a max price to buy and the order is fulfilled, it costs £7.99 That being said, there is a monthly fee for the service, so I guess you could argue that even free trades are not free.....
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    Selling Shares

    If they are on paper, I would transfer them to a broker (I use and quite like them). You should be able to then sell them for little (or even no) commission.
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    Talk to me about boats

    OP - your post reminded me of this video which I watched recently. I found it interesting even though I have no intention at all of buying a boat!
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