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    W209 Seat Belt Pretensioner Handing

    Gentlemen: I respect that the seat belt pre-tensioners [seat belt housings] for the CLK range of W209 configuration have no visible/physical 'hand' recognition. However I have just fitted a drivers seat belt pre-tensioner to my CLK320 [of unknown hand should it matter] and although the belt...
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    W209 LH Wing Mirror Repacement

    W290 Ice Blue Replacement Mirror Hi thanks I expected them to just sell whole mirrors I will try my Local Mercedes-Benz outfit Stockport MB tomorrow morning. Thanks very much for your help. Chris S.
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    W209 LH Wing Mirror Repacement

    W209 LH., Wing Mirror in Ice Blue Hi, had a further look and found a new add however one without colour ID., and have written seller asking - "What colour?". Cheers
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    W209 LH Wing Mirror Repacement

    Hi thanks for your response however I have looked on eBay and whereas there are two mirrors, they are complete and both silver not the Ice Blue (EisBlau) that I would like to buy. One is a modest £70 the other £150 and by the time they are repainted goodness knows where my cost might end up...
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    W209 LH Wing Mirror Repacement

    Dera Zoros, Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I had already tried this firm yesterday and received a very prompt eMail reply stating "Sorry, No stock" Cheers, Chris S.
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    W209 LH Wing Mirror Repacement

    Hi, I and my W209, CLK320 Elegance, had an argument :confused: with my front entrance gate the other night. Both the gate and the my LH., wing mirror now require attention. I have stripped the mirror and removed the two pices of housing and find that the rear most facing section that...
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    Avantgarde vs Elegance

    I am a new owner of a 2003 SLK320 Elegance (7 spoke 17" alloys. I find the car quite stiff and "jiggly". What a word eh; however it fits my feelings! however when cornering especially when just managing to hold the tail it stays remarkably flat and those 245x40's (45's on mine while looking for...
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    CLK230 Kompressor - High Fuel Consumption

    Hi, I have a straight forward CLK320 2dr Elegance Automatic of 2003 vintage now at 90,000 miles and recently serviced by way at least of engine oil and all filtres (checkable and self checked) I bought the car at the end of May this year with 89,230 recorded miles, the body is rust free...
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