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    How to change oil, w203 220cdi

    Thanks very much. Ive heard of an engine flush, seing as my oil has not been changed in a while would this be a sensible thing to do and if so how do i go about flushing it?
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    How to change oil, w203 220cdi

    HI im going to take the plunge and change the oil on the car myself but im not entirley sure how to do it, ie. what precautions i should take. Is there a step by step guide anywhere or could someone point me in the right direction with pitures? All help greatley appreciated.
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    Double parked B class

    ....."ok sir so your car is being written off because it is financially uneconimical to repair it, we are sending you a cheque for the full value of the car as deemed by our panel of experts who have examined the car.......just to you want a cheque or will we just send the £20 in an...
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    So Bugatti is Italian/French Born in Germany....nice!
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    Favourite Car Air Freshner

    Up at this early hour bored and im going to bare the cold in the morning to clean the inside of the car. My car is filthy due to the fact i have 2 children who seem to think the rear of my car is storage for their toys, leftover food and general rubbish so i want to make my car smell nice once i...
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    screenwash lies

    Hasnt got that cold here for us but mine was frozen this morning so i had to run it empty so i can fill it up with some good stuff
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    freshly painted!

    That saxo has to be appreciated from the work gone in point of view. Im sure the work alone to fit those wheels would have been exhausting to say the least. The "Flushing" or smoothing of the bodywork also seems to be immaculate and although many people dont like this, i for one would not drive...
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    C32 for £3800

    Its been removed now, so...all roads lead to a scam.
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    Merry Christmas Everyone

    Let me be the first to say to everyone have a fantastic day! The prezzies are all wrapped, sorry....Santa has been and gone and left behind lots of gifts!!! Merry Christmas :bannana: !!!
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    Photo Shock!

    About 3 or 4 of them are actually poor photochops. nothing more the front on pic of one with the lambo doors is the worst attempt at a photochop ive seen in a while, look at the wing mirrors!!! The 6light front end is a digital edit aswell by the looks of things!
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    S55 4-Matic CDi

    Looks like a 200MPH jet car !!! Say no more!!!
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    I kind of feel sorry for this guy....

    I hop i find the thief before he does. His car will probably end up over here like most stolen cars seem to.
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    How to spoil a decent car

    Would be nice if the wheels werent so big i suppose, bodywork on the car looks 100% not a bad looking car at all.
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    123 ce 280 very smart looker

    From the year i was born too, might just be keeping my eye on this one...
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    E is for...

    What kind of screening do these people go through in order to get the job, it mades the world wonder. If you think its bad for most of yourselves, think of what its like for Norn Iron people with our crazy accents...
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