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    TV Tuner from W209 CLK

    Im taking my kit out of my car and removed my TV Tuner and bracket Its in good working order i took a video of playing the TV through the comand and pics from yesterdays news Is anyone on here after one? Im open to a sensible offer Theres one on ebay for 349 but im not looking for...
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    A Whats It Worth Post???

    Guys Im after some help in pricing my CLK W209, im considering part x'ing however im also considering private sale Its spec is: 2003 53 PLate 200 Komp Auto Tip tronic elegance With just over 40000 on the clock Full Merc Service History Extended Merc Warranty Until Oct 2010 In Metalic...
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    Comand TV Tuner Kit

    Hi Guys Im moving on from the CLK and am selling my TV tuner. I have used the tuner with my PS2 also had a TV image but i never had the aerials Its a complete kit, all but the TV aerials. I have purchased a new loom from comand to Tuner and a power lead also included the RCA connection...
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    New Business Venture

    Well what can I say Andrew has done a cracking job on my misses VXR 19inch alloy as u can see above the rim looks cracking and th ecolour mathch is spot on This guy really is a pro and Andrew will be doig my Borbet B's and My lorinsers very soon, Thanks again Andrew for a top service and I'm...
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    New Business Venture

    wicked and replied cheers dude
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    New Business Venture

    did u get my email alright??
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    New Business Venture

    Another option with polished lips is not to laq them , Just give them a quick polish now and then with some metal polish
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    New Business Venture

    dude email sent to Im also interested in havingmy lorinser lips repolished like ur pic above and a set of 16inch bobet b's same finish but the hole face and lips let me know cheers Neil
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    New Business Venture

    the polished lip looks cracking, Ive got a 19 inch wheel thats been scuffed i can post a pic see if u think u can have a go, u any good with the colour matching??
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    New Business Venture

    Buddy is ur company up and running?? If so could u refurb a 19inch VXR alloy and look into repolishing the lips on my Lorinser wheels? Im based near croydon Thanks neil
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    ML Spare Wheel Holder

    Hi I have a w163 spare wheel hanger looking for offers closed to £400 It has all fixing nuts etc, I had it removed by the dealer when i bought the car Pic with it attached to the car from a web site mine a dark blue cover plate Its located in Warlingham near Croydon, Dont mind...
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    W163 Auto Lock

    so as mine is a 54 plate it should be cool, im collecting it on monday, is there any other tricks??
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    W163 Auto Lock

    Does the ML have the ablity to the lock the doors after the journey has started like the w203 or w209?? Thanks Neil
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    TV Tuner help

    I've had simlar prob's with mine since installing th etv unit, the av input work fine but cant get a pic for love nor money, even had breybrooks install new front and rear ariels with no joy, however i have just noticed mine aint ticked int he comand menu, i wonder
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    ML Rear Wheel Rack

    Guys I have the above off a w163 ML with all the bits u need to fit it to ur car. Including a pre cut rear bumper in tanznite Blue with parking sensor holes Here's a pic of the bit im on about Im based in surrey CR6 area and im open to offers, Want it gone asap thanks Neil
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