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    W124 Coupe Front Suspension SNAFU

    OK - resurrecting this thread, mainly as a courtesy to the community (though there's a remaining slight niggle). After driving around for 6 weeks or so with absurdly jacked-up front suspension, I eventually got to the point where I was willing to pay whatever it cost to get back to a reasonable...
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    W124 door lock

    I am soooooooooo happy!!!.... .....just did the driver <=> passenger-side barrel swap on wy C124 doors. After months of using the boot lock to unlock the car, I can now walk up to the driver's door again. Easy even for a vaguely-competent tinkerer such as myself - this page may also be of use...
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    Which wheel bolts/studs?

    25mm of thread for wheel bolts sounds a bit on the skimpy side to me (however, I don't claim any particular insight, just offering the gut feeling opinion of a pub expert) This link may be of interest (bought a set of bolts there a few years ago, have no complaints about quality) Packs of...
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    W124 Coupe Front Suspension SNAFU

    Hi grober - thanks for your continued interest in this thread / my suspension - Like Smart320 I'm learning about this subject as I confront the situation, - and that's definitely a good thing. Interesting to see the pics of the spring pads, it certainly looks like they'll make a significant...
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    W124 Coupe Front Suspension SNAFU

    Hi Optimus. Lovely-looking car. I take your point, though I still suspect mine is still a tad higher - but overall I think my current predicament is a combination of various effects... - My sagging rear end (car, that is) makes the front look especially incongruous - Maybe it will settle a...
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    W124 Coupe Front Suspension SNAFU

    Put the car on some reasonably level ground on the way home from work and took a few smaps Suspension Saga Thinking that - notwithstanding the commentsw above which make a lot of sense, the front is still 20 or 30mm too high.... ....maybe it'll settle a little with use, maybe those Sachs...
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    W124 Coupe Front Suspension SNAFU

    Thanks very much for those responses - great quality of info, real insight from real experts. I think that I definitely have tired rear springs as well, skewing the overall "trim" of the car & exacerbating the weight distribution.... .... so right now I think I will probably opt for Rears to...
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    W124 Coupe Front Suspension SNAFU

    Hello MBClub-bers – hoping someone can provide some guidance to get me out of the total screw-up situation currently afflicting my W124 Vehicle registration: K834 CNC VIN: WDB1240422B901344 Model: Mercedes 220CE, auto, sunroof, no air-con First registered: January 1993 Some time ago, I started...
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    Downtown Dakar W201s

    Hello fellow MBClub members... This is the latest in an occasional series of posts, in which I visit improbable locations, and assess them for out-of-date Mercs. Previous episodes: Yerevan is G-Wagen Central Bishkek is W124 Central Branching out now from ex-Soviet republic capitals –...
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    TOWISW123 '89 420SEC

    Hey - thanks for all the responses (even though they took a while to arrive). I've been somewhat distracted recently with family matters / being on-call for work / being the other side of snow-covered Pennines - so I haven't been able to get a viewing, still intending to do so. Appreciate all...
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    TOWISW123 '89 420SEC

    Hiya gang - I haven't been around here for a while - hope all's well with the regulars and members I've met. Still driving the ol' C124 - I've covered 33,000 miles in the last 3-and-a-bit years and it's been a fabulous car - standing up amazingly well to year-round use - and still attracts...
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    Manchester Curry - Sunday 21 May

    I'm up for Manchester curry-eating, despite being a somewhat irregular visitor here.... fact if you're arranging one, possibly best to send me an SMS to let me know 07785 900710. Or mail chris underscore hughes at Hotmail dot com. Hi to Meldrew and Ms M! Cheers, Chris 1993 220CE...
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    W124 e220 coupe - Loss of power

    Hi Shanksy I'm not a big expert, but I had to comment when I saw your avatar. I don't have a great deal of expertise diagnosing problems with old cars, but I do have day-to-day experience of driving a '93 CE220 for the last 2.5+ years / 26,000 miles And it's sometimes a manic depressive...
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    C63s premium coupe insurance

    Individuals commenting on their premiums are all well and good, but premiums very so much dependent on location, marital status, driving record, etc., that it's not a meaningful like-for-like comparison, even for an identical car. For standard and unmodified cars, you really need to start...
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    R109 tribute song

    R107 tribute song Uh, thanks for the the corrections. Pontoneer For anyone interested, links are: My Church: 80s Mercedes Chris
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