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    I have completed additional work on my coilovers and these are the results: Ordered and fitted 8Kg (500lbs) linear springs for the rear struts. Test drove and can confidently say this is the best spring rate for the rear. The original supplied specifications of 20Kg for the front and 14kg for...
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    CONVERT YOUR MERCEDES ABC SUSPENSION SYSTEM TO COILOVERS SO THAT IT RIDES FLAWLESSLY AND DOES NOT BOUNCE For the Mercedes W215 and the W220 Coilovers: Yellow Speed Dynamic Pro Purchased from: TEGIWA UK Brief Introduction First and foremost as a sincere and honest disclaimer, this...
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    Level Signals not within range, Unable to complete Calibration, Poor Handling, Uneven ride height

    Level Signals not within range, Unable to complete Calibration, Poor Handling, Uneven ride height, Lowering Links, ABC Visit Workshop ! If your vehicle has any of the above mentioned symptoms or the calibration of your ABC system has been poorly adjusted or is unable to adjust, or other...
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    W215 valve block DIY repair (Surrey/Hampshire)

    Crownhouse to ArfanFarooq - do you copy? I've been told your 55 is limping. If I'm not contravening club rules - contact is
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    Level Calibration Not Successful

    I'M REALLY GLAD YOU GOT THAT PROBLEM SOLVED. Suspected it was something to do with your level sensors at the rear, but honestly I have never tried tricking the ECU the way you did :doh: We learn every day and thanks for sharing your experience and solution :thumb:
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    Level Calibration Not Successful

    Is the ABC warning on the dash White or Red? and what fault codes are you getting listed to the ABC system - I'm assuming you have a Star Diagnostic system? For your level calibration enter 2.4 and -3.1 for Romess angles. If you do have Star, try the Automatic Calibration then go back to manual...
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    New CL in Suffolk

    Flyinspanner is absolutely right. Get the 3micron filter from mercedes and the power steering filter too. You will need 10 litres of Chf11s Hydraulic Oil for a system flush and start buying a complete set of Accumulators (4 in all) for eventual change (assuming that you have no history of their...
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    W215 ABC fault

    Have you been able to diagnose and fix your low pressure fault? It usually is the Pressure Accumulator which sits under the right wheel arch. It could also be the pressure switch or the tandem pump.
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    2003 w215 cl500 red abc warning light!

    Sorry about all your woes! How have you got on? Let me know - I occasionally fix hydraulic systems for CL users
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    W215 cl500 abc hydraulic system repair

    I have very recently changed all the accumulators on my ABC hydraulic system and to give readers an indication of the difference in oil levels with the engine on and off, I have included pictures as a means (benchmark) for comparison. The best and surest way to know if your accumulators are...
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    W215 cl500 abc hydraulic system repair

    I certainly support your statement / observation above and I am also glad that you have brought this to the attention of other readers. As I have mentioned the accumulators Secondary Function is to aid suspension (it is not it's Primary function). The accumulators Main (Primary) Function is to...
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    W215 cl500 abc hydraulic system repair

    Accumulators Primary and Secondary functions “The only thing I could add would be that the accumulators don't serve as shock absorbers in any meaningful sense. The purpose of the two large ones is to maintain the system pressure when the suspension plungers are quickly extended (and the pump...
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    W215 cl500 abc hydraulic system repair

    A W215 CL500 ABC HYDRAULIC SYSTEM SERVICE / REPAIR I’LL NEVER FORGET I got an enquiry for the refurbishment of a (2006) W215 CL500 ABC Hydraulic System a couple of months back. The owner wanted the following work done: • Full Hydraulic System Bleed with 15 litres of Pentosin CHF11s •...
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    Mercedes M113 W220 W215 Engine Service

    MERCEDES W220 / W215 M113 Engine Service I serviced my engine today, changing the Spark Plugs, Engine Oil, Oil Filter and Air Filters. With the engine warmed, I opened and removed the oil filter on the top front of the engine then raised the car on a ramp, removed the engine underside panel...
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