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    Tesla Car Fire...No electric car for me

    Avoid a Tesla like the plague, awful cars........I pray it’s not going to catch fire every time I get in the car, fortunately after 7k miles it hasn’t happened, talk about living life dangerously......
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    EQC avoid avoid avoid !!!!

    It’s a shame what has happened and hope you get a resolution to your liking. I have to say that my Model 3 has been great. No major issues and does what it says on the tin.
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    New Vosssens on my C63

    Happy days when I had my callipers and alloys done! Not seen those pics for a while. The deep candy red/orange we decided on looked amazing in daylight.....
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    Identifying w213 E63s flat spot issue

    Sounds like there is an underlying issue based on you experiencing multiple system type errors a couple of years ago. This may or may not be related to the current flat spot issue. As said above get the car scanned for errors and see if any old errors are stored. Sort this first, then possibly...
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    £5k investment for the future.

    Correct, rough examples fetching up to £3k but need lots of restoration work to get back to a good standard (rust). Rare excellent condition examples at £8k up, Jap Imports with lowish miles, but rust free condition £12k-£20k. The very best now over £20k and on the up.....
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    Mercedes EQC400

    Depends what EV you have whether you’d need a second car, plus whether you are doing regular 200 mile plus drives. Even then you just pull over and charge up. Agree that quite a few EV’s have low range out of the box and the cold climate makes it even worse. But potential owners should consider...
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    My first supercar!

    Lovely car......congrats. My neighbour has one, it sounds fantastic and looks amazing....
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    Remaped cls 55 amg

    Yes agree, 515bhp is too low for a remapped 55k with a pulley. Depends where the figure is quoted from?
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    Remaped cls 55 amg

    Small world. I live near Mapperley in Woodborough. Been in Nottingham most of my life bar 10 years in Yorkshire.
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    iPhone X Wanted

    Phone now purchased so the thread can be closed.
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    Remaped cls 55 amg

    Sounds like just a map and no pulley. Very rare I spot a CLS55 in Nottingham, but did today in Mapperley. It was a cubanite grey one, was it you?
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    iPhone X Wanted

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    Tesla Build Quality Still Isnt Great...

    I couldn’t give a shit whether you are bothered about electric cars. I like mine, like I liked all 6 Mercs I’ve owned and like the Mercs and ICE I’ll drive in the future. It’s good to have choice while it lasts.
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    Tesla Build Quality Still Isnt Great...

    It’s been great. It does everything I expected it to do. If you do your research and embrace the change it brings to being transported from A to B, then your appreciation of how game changing it is only increases. As most Forum members on here know I am a confirmed “petrolhead”, so whilst not...
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