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    722.6 gearbox trouble please help

    Thanks I will report back once I have the codes
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    722.6 gearbox trouble please help

    Thank you I have a carsoft scanner. I will scan it and post back with the codes.
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    W203 722.6 Gearbox Woes!

    Hi did you manage to fix this issue? The 722.6 box in my partners ML270 is playing up. I changed the pilot bush, filter and fluid about 6 months ago. All was well but now it’s stuck in limp mode and sometimes won’t move when in drive.
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    722.6 gearbox trouble please help

    Hi guys, gearbox is playing up in my partners ML270. About 6 months ago whilst I was driving it, it went into limp mode. Could only get 3rd gear and wouldn’t change. I checked fluid level and it was slightly low. I replaced the pilot bushing, filter, gaskets and put fresh fluid in. Car drove...
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    W163 replacement tie rod ends O.E manufacturer

    Hi guys does anyone know which company supplied the O.E spec track rod ends on these vehicles?
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    W163 BAS/ESP light help

    Hi guys can anyone help with the above problem? This light came on a few weeks ago intermittently. I googled it and was told one of the problems could be a failing battery. It was due replacement so ordered new one. It has been fine since but then came on again today. I understand it can be...
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    Wanted ML270 inlet manifold

    Hi guys anyone got one of these spare?
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    Space saver spare wheel frame

    That's strange, I noticed mine the other day was very rusty on my W163. I was gonna take it off and clean it and repaint but after seeing this it might be pointless! I wouldn't like to think how much a dealer would charge.
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    ML270 gearbox valeo radiator advice

    Hi guys, I have read somewhere that certain models of the ML270 were fitted with valeo radiators to cool the gearboxes? Heard horror stories that they can leak resulting in damage to the box. Which years were built with these or was it just pre-facelift that had them?
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    Welcome to the club
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    New Owner

    Welcome to the club
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    New Coupe Fan

    Welcome to the club
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    hi all

    Welcome to the club Steve
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    Hi all

    Welcome to the club
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    anyone tackled rusty arches themselves?

    Such a shame they don't build the bodies to last. That is sort of what I was planning on doing but without the rubber trim. I will give it a go when the weather gets a bit warmer.
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