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    Keyless theft.

    And then they'll break in your house and threaten you with a machete and take the keys off you in person. This happened in Birmingham a few weeks ago, shown on Central News, He came home from work put his A45 in the garage and they jumped him between his garage and his front door and took the...
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    2019 Mercedes C-Class Revealed

    If I wanted a stripped out car with a 1.5 Renault engine I would buy a Dacia . :wallbash: Each to their own of course.:D
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    Will 17" wheels with winter tyres fit

    Yes they will fit,I have them fitted to mine..
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    Mercedes me app: Car is unlocked messages

    Mine did it,probably still does. I've deleted the app off my phone !
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    I know they can be unpopular, but holy-moly.

    It's disgusting, lawless Britain! I see they've arrested one and are looking for another five!
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    Trade In Price

    I always think you're best asking "how much to change?" . It simplifies things you then know how much its going to cost you, its all smoke and mirrors with the figures with salesmen. For example They'll give £4k discount and £16k part exchange or £20k part exchange and no discount.
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    Trade In Price

    I've got the same car as you but mine has done 20k miles,I put mine on We Buy Any Car a couple of weeks ago and got a offer of £20200.00. My car was registered 1/3/16 so they may be ripping you off a bit, or are they guessing at what it'll be worth in November?
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    Advise On faulty product that led to an accident

    I think you might as well let the insurance repair the car and leave it at that. MB have decided it's not their fault and they're not going change their mind. They can afford better legal teams than you, so what's the point. Even if you win they'll just appeal and keep doing that till you run...
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    Audi multitronic/CVT

    Thanks, I think ill go have a drive,I really was uncertain ..
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    Audi multitronic/CVT

    How do you find your Rc300h? I'm going look at one at the weekend, I wonder about the performance and the depreciation.. Mainly because they don't sell many .. All the reviews I've seen say the C Class coupe is a better buy and that's what I've got now but I really like the way the Lexus looks..
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    Local Scrotes Break Into My 211

    Looking around it would seem that the police have lost control and seem to be on the back foot concerning knife crime, muggings, house break-in, car crime, acid attacks ect. But they have zero support from the government and public and all the blame. The copper on the street, ambulance staff...
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    W205 Bonnet/Bumper/Headlight Alignment

    I've got a C205, a 16 plate and my bumper had to come off at the first service to replace a headlight that had water in it. My car also went back for the n/s bonnet catch not closing, I don't know if they replaced the catch or adjusted it. My car was built February 16 I don't know if they had a...
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    SLK200 - Written off :-(

    OK, guys let's calm down a bit. So some guy is trying to sell a car for as much as he can and telling a few white lies. Haven't we all done that? Who hasn't got rid of a car with a known fault to a dealer and said nothing? The sex and occupation of the owner means nothing, I know a retired lady...
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    What do to? (Car purchase hassles)

    I thought Arnold Clark or even Holdcrofts for anyone from Staffordshire..
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    Am I Mad to pay the final payment of £20k

    The way I see it you can either pay the £20k and get off the perpetual wheel of debt or sign up for another PCP and be in exactly the same position as you are now in three or four years time !
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