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    W220 squealing noise

    I never really resolved the issue, but a few months later the alternator started draining the battery so I am guessing the alternator is the culprit. The car has been sorn since august, a few months after posting this.
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    C220 and C250 same engine?

    I think it came down to the extras of the car. As mentioned by Farmer boy the 19” wheels took the car into a higher tax bracket, mine has the standard 18” amg but it is premium plus so it has all the extras.
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    C220 and C250 same engine?

    I have a 2016 w205 C250d and the road tax is £30
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    W163: 270CDI Any tutorial on how to change the plastic fuel lines?

    Plastic fuel lines usually have a clip that locks them in place, these can become very brittle after a while so I am guessing the sealant has been used to secure them in place because the clips have broken.
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    ULEZ emissions W208 CLK 430 - Some are exempt ?

    I have a S320 cdi 2001 and a CLK230k 2001 and both are ULEZ compliant
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    Most of them cover all costs and work on a no win no fee policy, but read the small print, they take anything from 50% to 80% of the winning amount in commission, still worth a shot, nothing to lose.
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    NOx - Understanding How Many Of Us

    I have a 2016 C250d and the engine light came on, using my scanner it flagged both NOX sensors, called the Mercedes dealer who I have a service contract with and they said they would need to run diagnostic at the cost of £192 for the first hour and if it was indeed the sensors they would write...
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    limp mode

    Make sure your battery is ok before you start replacing parts. My S Class went into limp mode and everything pointed towards the gearbox but it turned out to be a dying battery.
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    Battery draining Slk 230k 1997

    I have the same issue, if I charge the battery full and connect, it’s fine, but as soon as I start the car it shows a low voltage while the car is running, but as soon as I shut the car off the battery drains to zero within 20 mins, it’s a new battery which I did think was faulty so had it...
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    W221 Euro5 or Euro6

    I thought the 1.5 engines were Renault, his was the 1.8 which I believe was a Mercedes engine (don’t quote me on this). I just found it odd a newer car was non compliant with ULEZ with all the newer technology. I only go to London these days once in a while so it doesn’t affect me as much as...
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    W221 Euro5 or Euro6

    Mine falls under Euro 3 and so does my CLK which is also 2001 but both are fine to travel in Londons ULEZ zone with no charge. The only place is Birmingham City where I would incur a fine.
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    W221 Euro5 or Euro6

    I’ve been looking into this as my brothers 2013 B180cdi was not ULEZ compliant and was subject to a £12.50 daily charge for entering the ULEZ zone buy my 2001 S320cdi is showing as fine. I’m not complaining, just confused why a newer car would not meet the requirements. Obviously the congestion...
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    Air suspension issue

    If it’s the front struts, the hose will be directly to the air block and fairly short. I would replace the whole pipe, it would be a bigger task from the rear strut as the pipe would be a lot longer. Depends what has caused the split in the first place. I am sure someone has a diagram of the...
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    S Class Rear Seats

    What year is the car, w220 there are 2 latches that are released by pressing on them. No tools needed, just look between the base and carpet 20cm in from the doors. Seat will lift when released.
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    Airmatic fault code,W220 320CDI 2004.

    Does the car sink overnight, does the pump run and lift the car immediately when the raise car switch is activated. Usually the warning would only come on if it’s detecting a leak. I had the constant error like you mentioned and in the end it was the front strut that needed replacing. Once you...
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