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    S Class Rear Seats

    What year is the car, w220 there are 2 latches that are released by pressing on them. No tools needed, just look between the base and carpet 20cm in from the doors. Seat will lift when released.
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    Airmatic fault code,W220 320CDI 2004.

    Does the car sink overnight, does the pump run and lift the car immediately when the raise car switch is activated. Usually the warning would only come on if it’s detecting a leak. I had the constant error like you mentioned and in the end it was the front strut that needed replacing. Once you...
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    W126 300se wont start

    Check to hear if the fuel pump is running when the key is in position 2 as often if not the fuel pump most likely the fuel pump relay fails, if the pump is running the worth looking at the HT leads as these become brittle over the years.
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    Mercedes 211-faulty airmatic compressor

    Did the new pump come with a new relay? If not possibly the relay is the issue. If the pump runs the relay would be the next in line.
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    W220 2005 S Class 320cdi Airmatic problem.

    I purchased two aftermarket copy front struts off *bay and they’d have been fine ever since, been over 2 years and the drive quality is great, very easy to fit yourself, just make sure both sides of the car is lifted to ensure the struts lift out easily. Get it diagnosed to pinpoint the issue...
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    Locking wheel nut sheared off - what now?

    I used this guy in the past. Sorted the problem. Mobile Weld
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    W220 2005 S Class 320cdi Airmatic problem.

    I have a 2001 S320cdi. There are many causes for the air suspension warning message. Does the car sink overnight? Does the car raise and lower when activated? Check the tops of the struts, often the pump will be running to keep the strut filled because of air leaking which may trigger the...
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    W220 Coilovers

    Just wondering if anyone had these fitted to there car, seem very cheap for what they are. Some positive reviews but just wondered if any forum members actually had them fitted. Airmatic Air to Coil Spring Conversion Kit for 2000-2006 Mercedes S500 W220 4PCS
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    Exhaust manifold gasket

    It would be a W208 on that year.
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    C270 lack of power and no kick down - EPC ???

    I have an S320cdi and when I got the EL POWER CONTROL message, it turned out to be the sensor on my accelerator pedal, after replacing the whole pedal assembly with a used one it solved the problem. But I never got an ESP message, the issue I had was a slow response when I pressed the accelerator.
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    W220 Pre Fuses location

    Hello, Just a quick and rather basic question, besides the obvious fuse boxes in the 2001 W220 S320cdi, I have managed to find one of the 2 large Pre Fuses that are linked directly to the main live wire. The one in the boot above the battery compartment mounted on the rear wheel arch under the...
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    W205 C Class Rear Door Handle Led..

    If the bulb is part of the handle possible this may help
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    W208 CLK230K not staying on

    I managed to find an image of the same engine for sale online, am I right in saying A is the camshaft sensor and B is the crankshaft position sensor?
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    W208 CLK230K not staying on

    Has anyone replaced a Crankshaft Position Sensor on a 2001 CLK230K, if so where is it located? I looked behind the engine and there about enough room to squeeze a flash light down there, but nothing else so I had no chance of seeing anything.
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    W208 CLK230K not staying on

    Thankfully the pump is still working, need to check the CPS. Found a video online on how to check with a multimeter. Also my brake fluid has leaked out so need to find the corroded pipe, not the abs unit as I checked for moisture.
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