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    3 month laid up

    I agree regarding the ctek. However, my 911 has covered MOT mileage only for years and I have found it best to disconnect the battery... I get flat spots on the tyres but they seem to be ok after a short drive on mot day. they don’t like not being used
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    So, AMG owners, how’s your Fuel Consumption?

    I don’t bother calculating it, but according to the computer my SL55 has averaged around 18mpg over its 65k miles.
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    R230 SL350 Buying advice (mis-posted in Performance Lounge)

    Nice spec. It’s odd for the roll bar to be up but as said it’s just a button to operate. I should have said before one thing I do look for, rather than low mileage, is low number of owners. Five is a lot for me, a change every couple of years. Perhaps that’s why the mot history is sketchy. A...
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    New CLS 320 2008 Owner

    Welcome 👍
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    Advice on (R231) SL350 Please

    Cracking looking car 👍 l’m surprised the wind deflector doesn’t come as standard.
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    First venture into bringing a car back to original glory 😃

    Welcome 👍 can’t help I’m afraid but looking forward to progress and photos
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    R230 SL350 Buying advice (mis-posted in Performance Lounge)

    There’s no guarantee of residual values. However, the mileage would not concern me if I were only going to be doing 4-5k pa. I don’t consider 80k high mileage for that age.
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    R230 SL350 Buying advice (mis-posted in Performance Lounge)

    That’s a lovely spec and colour combo. Definitely worth checking out. If it were me I’d drive it and see how it feels. Give it a good look over and check everything works. Get someone to do it for you if you are not confident. Check that the details they’ve provided are accurate. Number of...
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    R230 SL350 Buying advice (mis-posted in Performance Lounge)

    Perhaps it does have ABC. Make sure you check on the service records for regular ABC maintenance. At that mileage the pulsation dampers/accumulators will need changing.
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    R230 SL350 Buying advice (mis-posted in Performance Lounge)

    Welcome. Post a link, I don’t think that’s a problem. There are plenty of R230s for sale so take your time. They are complex cars with plenty to go wrong, so check that everything works as it should, but my main concern would be the roof operation. I don’t think the 350 has ABC, otherwise...
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    New Member

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    Garage vs Car Port / Open Air

    I have a similar garage and the same issues. It’s been damp for ten years, and I’ve dealt with mould inside my two cherished cars. yes, ideally, have a nice new garage built. I’m not sure my wife would see it as a priority. Are you sure the roof is not cement based? Anyway, I invested in a big...
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    New member

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