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    B.I.P. Hugh Hefner

    Indeed, a good innings though,
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    False Widow?

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    OMG What's Happened to the Forum...

    I like it, What a great upgrade :)
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    Aftermarket Chrome Badges

    Looks good :)
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    Radio code
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    Radio code
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    Clk Avantgard Key Fob open button wont work immediately.

    What condition is the key in? could be that the plastic inside is not making contact with the button on the board, or you need to have a new micro button soldered.
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    Vito 638 with 2 batteries?

    That is your leisure battery :)
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    Petrol S Class bargains....or are they?

    Not always a nightmare, i have an s 500 1999, lovely car, horror stories all over the internet about lots of cars, sure it's not worth alot, but it's my barge, and i like it. air suspension works great, as does everything else, servicing costs- diy, no problems.
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    command missing pixels

    You can get replacement screens, or it maybe a loose ribbon cable. Shop comand screen online - Buy comand screen for unbeatable low prices on
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    Mercedes Standoff

    Reminds me of an old film, two cars in a country lane, can anyone remember what it was called?
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    R129 wiring loom part number

    Epc I am using is:EWA version: Access Gateway Version: EPC version: WIS/ASRA version:
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    R129 wiring loom part number

    I looked up that part #A1295401706, and came up with the same:
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    R129 wiring loom part number

    These are part numbers for the engine harness, from EPC, using your VIN.
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    R129 Engine Wiring Loom Part Number Enquiry

    Kabelbaum Motor 1295409605 -Stecker n. 0005452581 SL500 R129 Motorkabelbaum | eBay
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