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    W204 DAB Radio Options?

    Thanks markjay, I'll give this a try
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    That age old question - Super or Regular Unleaded

    At the beginning of my ownership with my W202 C43, I would fill up exclusively with 98RON or V-Power. Switched to 95RON and have been using it for over 10 years with absolutely no side effects apart from having a softer wack on my wallet. For the W204 C63 however I'll stick to the good stuff...
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    W204 DAB Radio Options?

    Ah, I hadn't thought of using the Bluetooth option to connect internet radio onto the Comand. Just need to figure out who to do it. Phone is already paired to Comand, so perhaps connecting internet radio will be simple. I'll give it a try...
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    W204 DAB Radio Options?

    Ahhh so it seems that DAB was an option. That's really a cheap trick
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    W204 DAB Radio Options?

    Also have a question regarding DAB. Recently purchased a 2013 W204 C63 coupe and I can't find the DAB option in the Comand unit. When looking at the available frequencies, I see the usuals; FM. AM, etc. but no DAB. Is this normal or can it be activated via the "Engineering" page?
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    W202 C43 AMG bonnet refuses to open

    Finally gave the vehicle to the local MB dealer as I was stumped finding solutions. This had them quizzing also as these older W202 models don't seem to get much attention at the dealers, not forgetting that the younger technicians don't know much about them or rarely work on them. Fortunately...
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    W202 C43 AMG bonnet refuses to open

    Forgot to say that despite looking in the WIS, I didn't find any reference or way to fix this
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    W202 C43 AMG bonnet refuses to open

    This morning I called in a friendly neighbour to give me a hand. No amount of pushing hard or soft managed to unlock the bonnet. Also the cable end on the red dash lever came off. It looks a bit long but doesn't come out more, so doubt it is broken. Guess a trip to the local dealer is required...
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    W202 C43 AMG bonnet refuses to open

    I'll try that 😂
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    W202 C43 AMG bonnet refuses to open

    The bonnet latch doesn't work and refuses to open. Any way of getting the bonnet opened without reverting to the use of a hammer and metal cutters?
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    AMG GT-R Black Series

    If I won the lottery.... :cool:
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    AMG GT3 at the Nürburgring

    He's not my cup of tea either, but wondering if he has the grin tattooed to his face
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    C63 507 Edition Wide arch project

    BTW does this fit a facelift coupe?
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    To badge or not to badge that is the question

    Haha, had a friend with a Gen1 GTI way back then. He removed the GTI badge and replaced it with a Golf D one. Was told a couple of time when filling up at the petrol station "you're putting petrol in a diesel. Do you realize it?"....
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    C63 coupe new stable member

    France could be even more policed than in Switzerland. Germany I'm not so sure
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