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    Sl 55 AMG - Boot Problem - Soft Close not working and car saying boot not closed

    Some comment in this thread about low voltage causing the soft close not to work There seems to be a common recurrent thread about air leaks in the boot locking mechanism as well if you search. Various...
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    Fuel Tank Size "Different fuel tank capacities are offered by different variants of Mercedes Benz M-Class. While the variants named 250 CDI and 350 CDI host a fuel tank capacity of 70 litres, the high-end ML63 AMG variant has a...
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    Fuel Tank Size

    On some mercs a large capacity fuel tank was an option. Certainly on the E class W211 and W210. Might have been an option on the ML
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    Need advice about buying a MB

    There are quite a lot of good ones out there! I remember many moons ago when I was proposing buying a high mileage E class (400K miles!), the advice from here was run a mile. So I went in with my eyes open and bought it anyway because it was honest (no-one would clock it down to 400k!), a...
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    Dear Deidre I’m conservative and I drive a Mercedes

    Dismissing a solution that is better for everything other than 8 journeys a year just because of those 8 journeys seems a bit harsh! You could always hire a car for those events, or take the train and hire something the other end, like an Uber. Although I take your point about there being too...
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    Mercedes build quality

    Hand built is not necessarily a sign of quality. Certain things can be hand built by experts to a superior standard, but most mechanical systems would be much more consistent being built and indeed manufactured by robots. especially given modern tolerances. Quality used to be defined as...
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    SLK R172 - Hazard fuse keeps blowing plus smoke!

    As as been said, replace the fuse with no board attached and (assuming it doesn't; blow immediately) check with a voltmeter the voltages on any pins on the connector, with ignition on and any switches needed to activate the suspect system on as well. Check that nothing is over the expected 12V...
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    W211 e 320 estate turns over for ages before starting.

    In my experience, air leaking into fuel lines manifests itself by not starting in the morning, but being ok for the rest of the day. This is the opposite of what you've got. Not starting when hot looks to me like a position sensor failing. Cam or crank if fitted. Don't know exactly for this engine.
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    Iridium Silver v Palladium Silver

    Bizarrely I havn't got an issue with that. Probably because I don't think cubanite has a real meaning. Maybe someone from Cuba? (who's a silversmith?). Perfectly allowable, if still meaningless marketing.
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    Iridium Silver v Palladium Silver

    Call me pedantic but it makes my nerves jangle when I see contradictions like this! Palladium, Iridium and (yes) silver are all elements and have specific properties, one of which is colour. Palladium silver is an oxymoron! I know its just marketing and holds no real meaning. It just grates...
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    Live Traffic Information Expired - S213 E Class

    All part of the transition to the Car-as-a-service. Just a platform for them to sell you stuff through. Charging per mile coming to a Mercedes near you soon. Of course, as its a Mercedes, expect to pay more per mile...
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    Decisions SUV`s

    I too would rate the Landrover as a real hoot off road. Drove several 110s in quite extreme conditions. However, on the road they are utterly dreadful. We also had a 4x4 Bedford truck. That would go places that the Landrover couldn't, mainly because of its superior ground clearance! The best...
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    Just when you thought we had a bit of good news, this comes along...

    They seem to have concluded that they can be made safer by closing the inside lane and turning it into a hard shoulder ie a very long layby.
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    NEW CAR!!

    I think that comes under the heading of non essential travel. Our illustrious leaders have thought of everything!
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    W211 E280 2005 Saloon: transmission noise

    Allegoricus was just saying thankyou to the second poster, a YEAR after the reply was received. This is an old thread so don't waste too much time on adding to it!
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